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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2013Acid-induced mechanism change and overpotential decrease in dioxygen reduction catalysis with a dinuclear copper complex남원우; Shunichi Fukuzumi; 이용민; Kenneth D. KarlinArticle
2014An isoelectronic NO dioxygenase reaction using a nonheme iron(iii)-peroxo complex and nitrosonium ion남원우; Kenneth D. KarlinArticle
2010Bioinorganic chemistry: Model offers intermediate insightKenneth D. KarlinShort Survey
2010Bioinspired heme, heme/nonheme diiron, heme/copper, and inorganic NOx chemistry: ·NO (g) oxidation, peroxynitrite-metal chemistry, and ·;NO (g) reductive couplingKenneth D. KarlinArticle
2012Chromium(IV)-peroxo complex formation and its nitric oxide dioxygenase reactivity남원우; 조재흥; Kenneth D. KarlinArticle
2011Cupric superoxo-mediated intermolecular C-H activation chemistryShunichi Fukuzumi; Kenneth D. KarlinArticle
2012Electron-transfer reduction of dinuclear copper peroxo and bis-μ-oxo complexes leading to the catalytic four-electron reduction of dioxygen to water남원우; 조재흥; Shunichi Fukuzumi; 이용민; Kenneth D. KarlinArticle
2013Enhanced catalytic four-electron dioxygen (O2) and two-electron hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) reduction with a copper(II) complex possessing a pendant ligand pivalamido groupShunichi Fukuzumi; Kenneth D. KarlinArticle
2012Factors that control catalytic two-versus four-electron reduction of dioxygen by copper complexes남원우; Shunichi Fukuzumi; 이용민; Kenneth D. KarlinArticle
2012Formation of a long-lived electron-transfer state in mesoporous silica-alumina composites enhances photocatalytic oxygenation reactivityShunichi Fukuzumi; Kenneth D. KarlinArticle
2010Heme-copper-dioxygen complexes: Toward understanding ligand-environmental effects on the coordination geometry, electronic structure, and reactivityKenneth D. KarlinArticle
2011Homogeneous catalytic O 2 reduction to water by a cytochrome c oxidase model with trapping of intermediates and mechanistic insightsShunichi Fukuzumi; Kenneth D. KarlinArticle
2012Hydrogen peroxide as a sustainable energy carrier: Electrocatalytic production of hydrogen peroxide and the fuel cellShunichi Fukuzumi; Kenneth D. KarlinConference Paper
2012Improvement of durability of an organic photocatalyst in p-xylene oxygenation by addition of a Cu(ii) complexShunichi Fukuzumi; Kenneth D. KarlinArticle
2013Kinetics and thermodynamics of formation and electron-transfer reactions of Cu-O 2 and Cu 2-O 2 complexesShunichi Fukuzumi; Kenneth D. KarlinReview
2010Mononuclear copper complex-catalyzed four-electron reduction of oxygenShunichi Fukuzumi; Kenneth D. KarlinArticle
2010One is lonely and three is a crowd: Two coppers are for methane oxidationKenneth D. KarlinArticle
2013Reactions of a chromium(III)-superoxo complex and nitric oxide that lead to the formation of chromium(IV)-oxo and chromium(III)-nitrito complexes남원우; Kenneth D. KarlinArticle
2010Reductive coupling of nitrogen monoxide (•NO) facilitated by heme/copper complexesKenneth D. KarlinArticle
2011Spectroscopic and computational characterization of Cu II-OOR (R = H or cumyl) complexes bearing a Me 6-tren ligand남원우; 조재흥; Kenneth D. KarlinArticle
2010Spectroscopic and computational studies of an end-on bound superoxo-Cu(II) complex: Geometric and electronic factors that determine the ground stateKenneth D. KarlinArticle
2013Temperature-independent catalytic two-electron reduction of dioxygen by ferrocenes with a copper(II) tris[2-(2-pyridyl)ethyl]amine catalyst in the presence of perchloric acid남원우; Shunichi Fukuzumi; 이용민; Kenneth D. KarlinArticle
2010Thioether S-ligation in a side-on μ-η2:η2- peroxodicopper(ii) complexKenneth D. KarlinArticle