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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2016Analysis of compressive load on intervertebral joint in standing and sitting postures이태용Article
2019Assessment of finite element models for prediction of osteoporotic fracture이태용Article
2017Biomechanical effects of variable stiffness shoes in normal walking after 60-minute adaptation이태용Article
2019Biomechanical Effects of Variable Stiffness Shoes in Normal Walking After 60-minute Adaptation이태용Article
2015Comparative Effects of Ibandronate and Paclitaxel on Immunocompetent Bone Metastasis Model이태용Article
2017Dynamic measurement of surface strain distribution on the foot during walking이태용Article
2017Enhanced viscoelastic properties of nickel-aluminum-bronze alloyed with indium or its alloys이태용Article
2020Force attenuation properties of shear-thickening polymer (STP)-based hip protector in simulated sideways fall이태용Article
2019Heel pad becomes rapidly stiffer to dissipate the energy: finite element analysis이태용Article
2020Identification of potential plantar ulceration among diabetes patients using plantar soft tissue stiffness이태용Article
2017In-vivo viscous properties of the heel pad by stress-relaxation experiment based on a spherical indentation이태용Article
2019Investigation of the relationship between localized cumulative stress and plantar tissue stiffness in healthy individuals using the in-vivo indentation technique이지혜; 이태용Article
2017Parameter identification of hyperelastic material properties of the heel pad based on an analytical contact mechanics model of a spherical indentation이태용Article
2016Prediction of plantar soft tissue stiffness based on sex, age, bodyweight, height and body mass index이태용Article
2021Relationship between ankle varus moment during gait and radiographic measurements in patients with medial ankle osteoarthritis이태용Article
2020Strain-rate dependence of viscous properties of the plantar soft tissue identified by a spherical indentation test이태용Article
2017The biomechanical effects of split-sole shoes on normal walking이태용Article
2016The influence of sex, body mass and body mass index on plantar soft-tissue stiffness in healthy people in their 60s이태용Article
2016The Influence of Various Seat Design Parameters: A Computational Analysis이태용Article
2017The use of shear thickening polymer as a hip protecter이태용Conference Paper