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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2002A study of taxonomical relationships among species of Korean Allium sect. Sacculiferum (Alliaceae) and related species using inter-simple sequence repeat (ISSR) markers이준승; 이남숙; 이동희Article
2011Analyses of the gene expression data based on co-expression modules주혜준Doctoral Thesis
2003Analysis of gene expression profiles of gastric normal and cancer tissues by SAGE이동희Article
1996Changes in the ulrastructural localization of mRNA for a circadian regulated protein이동희Article
2001Cloning and characterization of the ribosomal RNA gene from Gonyaulax polyedra이동희Article
2014Comparative analysis of gene expression under cold acclimation, deacclimation and reacclimation in Arabidopsis이동희Article
2003Comparative analysis of superfamilies of NBS-encoding disease resistance gene analogs in cultivated and wild apple species이동희; 이수영Article
2006Comparison between SAGE and cDNA microarray for quantitative accuracy in transcript profiling analyses이동희Article
2003Construction of a garlic BAC library and chromosomal assignment of BAC clones using the FISH technique이동희Article
2014Cucumber Pti1-L is a cytoplasmic protein kinase involved in defense responses and salt tolerance이동희Article
2011Design and characterization of collagen paste as a novel injectable scaffold이동희Master's Thesis
2005Developmental regulation of the expression of 1-aminocyclopropane-1- carboxylic acid (ACC) synthase and ACC oxidase genes in hypocotyls of etiolated mung bean seedlings이동희Article
1998Differential Accumulation of Transcripts for ACC Synthase and ACC Oxidase Homologs in Etiolated Mung Bean Hypocotyls in Response to Various Stimuli이준승; 이동희Article
2007Ectopic expression of apple MbR7 gene induced enhanced resistance to transgenic Arabidopsis plant against a virulent pathogen이동희Article
2014Ectopic expression of EcGrx enhance resistance to environmental stress in Arabidopsis김준아Master's Thesis
2013Enhancement of cold and salt tolerance by ectopic expression of EcNrdH in Arabidopsis김새롬Master's Thesis
2010Enhancement of cold tolerance by over-expression of PAP2 gene in Arabidopsis조윤경Master's Thesis
2010Expression Analysis of Proline Metabolism-related Genes From Halophyte Arabis stelleri under Osmotic Stress Conditions이동희Article
2005Expression of MbR4, a TIR-NBS type of apple R gene, confers resistance to bacterial spot disease in Arabidopsis이동희Article
2011Expression Profile Analysis of Hypoxia Responses in Arabidopsis Roots and Shoots이동희; 최윤희Article
2004Feature genes of hepatitis B virus-positive hepatocellular carcinoma, established by its molecular discrimination approach using prediction analysis of microarray이동희Article
2007Gene expression profile for Nicotiana tabacum in the early phase of flooding stress이동희Article
2014Global gene expression responses to waterlogging in leaves of rape seedlings이동희Article
2022High Light Acclimation Mechanisms Deficient in a PsbS-Knockout Arabidopsis Mutant이동희Article
2012Identification and analysis of cold stress-inducible genes in Korean rapeseed varieties이준승; 이동희; 최윤희Article
2011Identification and characterization of ADCY3 as a novel gene in human gastric cancer홍승현Master's Thesis
2008Improved fire blight resistance in transgenic apple lines by constitutive overexpression of the mbr4 gene of Malus baccata이동희Conference Paper
2009LongSAGE analysis of the early response to cold stress in Arabidopsis leaf이동희Article
2020Modulation of Energy Metabolism Is Important for Low-Oxygen Stress Adaptation in Brassicaceae Species이동희Article
2008Molecular analysis of the hrp gene cluster in Xanthomonas oryzae pathovar oryzae KACC10859이동희Article