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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2017A New Species and Introgression in Eastern Asian Hemlocks (Pinaceae: Tsuga)이남숙Article
2004A palynotaxonomic study of Korean Adonis (Ranunculaceae)이남숙; 여성희Article
2002A study of taxonomical relationships among species of Korean Allium sect. Sacculiferum (Alliaceae) and related species using inter-simple sequence repeat (ISSR) markers이준승; 이남숙; 이동희Article
2011An assessment of orchids' diversity in Penang Hill, Penang, Malaysia after 115 years이남숙Article
2012Biosystematic studies on the family Nartheciaceae (Dioscoreales) I. Phylogenetic relationships, character evolution and taxonomic re-examination이남숙Article
2011Biosystematic studies on the family tofieldiaceae III. classification of tofieldia nuda into three species and three varieties이남숙Article
2004Biosystematic studies on the genus Heloniopsis (Melanthiaceae) II. Two new species from Korea based on morphological and molecular evidence이남숙Article
2002Circumscriptions and phylogenetic relationships of Primula sects. Auganthus and Ranunculoides: Evidence from nrDNA ITS sequences이남숙Article
2005Cytotoxic constituents from the whole plant of Corydalis pallida이남숙; 이상국; 서은경Article
2008Evaluation, characterization, and identification of woody landscape plants이남숙Conference Paper
2014Expressions of the Floral MADS-box Genes in Carex dickinsii Franch. & Sav. (Cyperaceae)이보라Master's Thesis
2011Feeding diets of the Korean water deer (Hydropotes inermis argyropus) based on a 202 bp rbcL sequence analysis이남숙; 이상돈Article
2007Generic delimitation and biogeography of Maianthemum and Smilacina (Ruscaceae sensu lato): Preliminary results based on partial 3′ matK gene and trnK 3′ intron sequences of cpDNA이남숙Article
2013Identification of a New Hexenoic Acid Glycoside and the RSV Principles from Vitis vinifera cv. Muscat of Alexandria이남숙; 서은경; 이화정; 장준Article
2010Identification of Hydrangeaceae accessions of wild origin from Jeju, Korea, using molecular markers이남숙Article
2007Identification of Tsuga germplasm by morphological characters and RAPD markers이남숙Article
2001Isozyme evidence for the allotriploid origin of Lycoris flavescens (Amaryllidaceae)이남숙Article
2011Major Lineages of the Genus Lilium (Liliaceae) Based on nrDNA ITS Sequences, with Special Emphasis on the Korean Species이남숙; 여성희; 이창숙Article
1996Molecular divergence between disjunct taxa in eastern Asia and eastern North America이남숙; 여성희Article
2006Molecular evidence for hybridization of Ilex xwandoensis (Aquifoliaceae) by RAPD analysis이남숙; 여성희Article
2002Molecular evidence for the taxonomic identity of Korean Adonis (Ranunculaceae)이남숙Article
2015Molecular Identification of Mycorrhizae of Cymbidium kanran (Orchidaceae) on Jeju Island, Korea이남숙Article
2002Morphological and isozyme divergence in Korean Hepatica sensu stricto (Ranunculaceae)이남숙Article
2012Nuclear and cpDNA sequences demonstrate spontaneous hybridization between Goodyera schlechtendaliana RCHB. f. and g. velutina maxim. (orchidaceae) in Jeju Island, Korea이남숙; 여성희Article
2020On the identity of Goodyera rosulacea (Orchidaceae: Orchidoideae: Cranichideae: Goodyerinae)이남숙Article
2012Orchids of cloud forest in genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia이남숙Review
2010Patterns of molecular and morphological variations in Calanthe (Orchidaceae) from Korea최선아Master's Thesis
2011Phylogenetic and conservation status of the endangered terrestrial orchid Nervilia nipponica (Orchidaceae) in Korea이남숙Article
2007Phylogeny and comparative seed morphology of epiphytic and terrestrial species of Liparis (Orchidaceae) in Japan이남숙Article
2018Phylogeny, Marker development, and Physiological activities of Veratrum album complex (Melanthiaceae) in Korea and adjacent regions김진옥Doctoral Thesis