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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2020A Study on the Predictive Model of Amount of Calls to take a Call Taxi in Gwangju박현지Master's Thesis
2015A theoretical note on optimal sufficient dimension reduction with singularity유재근Article
2013A theoretical view of the envelope model for multivariate linear regression as response dimension reduction유재근Article
2013Advances in seeded dimension reduction: Bootstrap criteria and extensions유재근Article
2019Analysis of microarray right-censored data through fused sliced inverse regression유재근Article
2014ARIMA 모형을 이용한 한국프로야구 관중 수요 예측한가희Master's Thesis
2018Basis Estimation in Fused Sliced Average Variance Estimation원성민Master's Thesis
2016Basis Estimation Through Optimal Sufficient Dimension Reduction under Singularity Constraint곽다혜Master's Thesis
2018Basis-Adaptive Selection Algorithm in dr-package유재근Article
2014Bayesian Cholesky factor models in random effects covariance matrix for generalized linear mixed models유재근Article
2012Canonical Correlation Analysis김희연Master's Thesis
2014Canonical Correlation Analysis Through Linear Modeling유재근Article
2014Canonical Correlation Analysis without matrix inversion임연주Master's Thesis
2013Chi-squared tests in kth-moment sufficient dimension reduction유재근Article
2023Comparison of model performance by predicting Paldang Dam inflow using RNN, LSTM, GRU, CNN-LSTM, XGBoost and LightGBM김현민Master's Thesis
2016Comparison of regularized sliced inverse regression after multiple imputation in right-censored response심수아Master's Thesis
2023Comprehensive studies of Grassmann manifold optimization and sequential candidate set algorithm in a principal fitted component model이채영Master's Thesis
2023Counterfactual Image Generating with Feature Extraction in Generative Model임지언Master's Thesis
2016Dimension Estimation김민선Master's Thesis
2015Dimension estimation in Sufficient Dimension Reduction정선Master's Thesis
2017Dimension test approach of heteroscedasticity in the linear model유재근Article
2019Dimension Test in Fused Sliced Average Variance Estimation안효인Master's Thesis
2022Discovery of sequential pattern in e-commerce shopping data using SPADE algorithm김나윤Master's Thesis
2010Do group audiologic rehabilitation activities influence psychosocial outcomes?유재근Article
2018Do we need the constant term in the heterogenous autoregressive model for forecasting realized volatilities?신동완; 유재근Article
2017Effects of age, working memory, and word order on passive-sentence comprehension: Evidence from a verb-final language유재근; 성지은Article
2023Ensemble-based Uncertainty Quantification with MIMO configuration for Uncertainty-Aware Semi-Supervised learning고정욱Master's Thesis
2016Estimation comparison of regularized sliced inverse regression after mean imputation transformation in survival data김성진Master's Thesis
2014Estimation of Fire Patterns in Korea using Credibility Theory신현정Master's Thesis
2014Estimation of Generalized Double Index Models오수지Master's Thesis