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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
20212-3세 일반아동의 부모를 위한 3S 원격 부모코칭 프로그램이 부모 의사소통스타일 개선에 미치는 효과김호빈Master's Thesis
20093~5세 말더듬 아동의 의사소통태도 특성이지숙Master's Thesis
20104세 조음장애아동과 정상아동의 말속도와 문장길이에 따른 따라말하기 능력 비교홍새미Master's Thesis
2015A longitudinal study of utterance length in morphemes as a predictor of treatment outcome in early childhood stuttering심현섭Article
2015A study of influential factors on perceptual judgment of hypernasality using the hypernasality perceptual profile심현섭Article
2014Age-related changes in category decision-making abilities as a function of typicality and animacy of noun exemplars심현섭; 성지은Article
2021Age-Related Differences in Korean Word Recognition Associated with Phonological Rules and Word Frequency: An Event-Related Potential (ERP) Study심현섭Article
2016Age-Related Differences in Sentence Processing as a Function of Canonicity and Syntactic Ambiguity오세진Master's Thesis
2022Age-Related Differences in the Perception of Emotion in Emotional Speech: The Effects of Semantics and Prosody심현섭; 이영미Article
2004An acoustic study of the temporal characteristics of nasalization in children with and without cleft palate심현섭Article
2022Articulatory Characteristics as Functions of Articulation Distance and Articulatory Direction in Children with Cochlear Implants [조음위치 및 조음운동방향에 따른 인공와우이식 아동의 조음 특성]심현섭; 이영미Article
2020Bilateral cochlear implantation versus unilateral cochlear implantation in deaf children: Effects of sentence context and listening conditions on recognition of spoken words in sentences심현섭; 이영미Article
2018Comparison of perceptual assessment for dysarthric speech: The detailed and general assessments심현섭Article
2022CVCV 무의미단어에서 조음위치 및 조음운동방향에 따른 인공와우이식 아동의 조음 특성김남규Master's Thesis
2017Disfluency characteristics of children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder symptoms심현섭Article
2018Disfluency characteristics of school-age children with high-functioning autism spectrum disorders심현섭Article
2006Double dissociation of Hangul and Hanja reading in Korean patients with stroke심현섭Article
2014Effects of listeners' working memory and noise on speech intelligibility in dysarthria심현섭; 성지은Article
2018ERP components associated with locality dependency of time references between young and elderly adults심현섭; 성지은Article
2016Fluency predictor variables in early stuttering intervention for children심현섭Article
2019Grapheme-phoneme conversion in Korean Word Recognition: Evidence from event-related potentials심현섭Article
2017Ideomotor apraxia in Alzheimer's disease: Intervention using an unaided augmentative and alternative communication system심현섭Article
2012Lateralization of cognitive functions in aphasia after right brain damage심현섭Article
2004Lee Silverman Voice Treatment(LSVT) 프로그램이 특발성 파킨슨병 환자의 자발화 말명료도에 미치는 효과김우아Master's Thesis
2017Linguistic disfluency induced by nonword and sentence repetition tasks in preschool children with and without vocabulary delay심현섭; 임동선Article
2020Loci of stuttering of English- and Korean-speaking children who stutter: Preliminary findings심현섭Article
2017Longitudinal analysis of stuttering like disfluencies as a treatment outcome in early childhood stuttering심현섭Article
2022Longitudinal Study of Child-Parent Verbal Interaction Characteristics of Preschool Children Who Do and Who Do Not Stutter: Mothers’ Articulation rate and Naturalness in Relation to Children’s Disfluencies and Articulation rate [학령전기 말더듬아동과 일반아동 부모의 구어적 상호작용 특성에 관한 종단연구: 부모의 조음속도 및 말의 자연스러움과 아동의 조음속도, 비유창성을 중심으로]심현섭; 이영미Article
2014Meta-analysis of cognition-focused intervention for people with mild cognitive impairment and dementia심현섭Article
2016Meta-analysis of constraint-induced language therapy in aphasia김영태; 심현섭; 성지은Article