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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1983^(187)W의 붕괴도형에 관한 연구趙銀珍Master's Thesis
1985^(76)As의 붕괴에 따른 ^(76)Se의 에너지준위에 관한 연구김숙희Master's Thesis
2004Aperture Maneuver with Controlled Breath (AMC) for Moving Tumors서예린Master's Thesis
1999Csl(Tl) scintillator telescope measurement of charged particles extracted from the KCCH MC-50 cyclotron신승애Article
1997Electron-capture effects in activity determination of 192Ir by a 4π β-γ coincidence counting method신승애Article
2004Experimental measurements and Monte Carlo calculations of electron dose distribution for breast cancer patients and evaluation of the ADAC Pinnacle system이수진Master's Thesis
1995Gamma-ray spectroscopy with high-spin isomer beams신승애Article
2009Mechanisms of the nonmesonic weak decay of Λ hypernuclei and the three-body process신승애Article
1999Molecular ion beam extraction from the KCCH MC-50 cyclotron신승애Article
1995New α-decaying neutron deficient isotopes197Rn and200Fr신승애Article
2008Non-mesonic weak decays of Λ5He and Λ 12C hypernuclei using the (π+, K+) reactions신승애Conference Paper
2001Quantification of regional myocardial blood flow using dynamic (H2OPET)-O-15 and factor analysis신승애Article
2010Recent progresses in the study of nonmesonic weak decay of Λ hypernuclei신승애Conference Paper
2010Recent progresses in the study of nonmesonic weak decay of λ hypernuclei신승애Conference Paper
1996Systematics of the α-spectroscopic factors of the new isotope 196Rn and even-even nuclei with Z = 78-90신승애Article
2007The quenching of nucleon yields in the nonmesonic weak decay of Λ -hypernuclei and the three-body weak decay process신승애Conference Paper
1988(The) measurement of the electromagnetic lifetimes in ^(131)Xe유민규Master's Thesis
1997α-decaying neutron-deficient nuclei 195g,195mAt신승애Article
2000단일광자방출단층촬영 영상과 기능적 자기공명영상을 이용한 시각 자극 반응에 대한 비교 연구추명자Master's Thesis
1993새로운 핵 붕괴 방식에 관한 연구박수산Master's Thesis
1990전기화학 Cell로 부터 방출된 방사선에 관한 연구신희순Master's Thesis