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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2005A Biological Study of Dendronephthya gigantea黃晟眞Master's Thesis
2001A phylogenetic study of the Anthozoa (phylum Cnidaria) based on morphological and molecular characters송준임; 노분조Article
2011A Systematic Study on the Soft Corals, Genus Dendronephthya (Anthozoa: Alcyonacea: Nephtheidae) from Korea황성진Doctoral Thesis
2014A Taxonomic Study of Family Dendrophylliidae (Anthozoa: Hexacorallia: Scleractinia) from Korea최은애Master's Thesis
2012A Taxonomic Study of Suborder Holaxonia (Anthozoa: Octocorallia: Alcyonacea) from Korea김민선Master's Thesis
2013Alveopora japonica beds thriving under kelp송준임Article
1999Amylase polymorphism of Littorina brevicula from polluted and unpolluted sites, Korea송준임Article
2013Analysis of carotenoids in 25 indigenous Korean coral extracts송준임; 서은경Article
2011Chemical constituents from the stony coral Alveopora japonica송준임; 서은경; 원용진; 한아름; 윤의중Article
2005Cytotoxic constituents of the octocoral Dendronephthya gigantea송준임; 이상국; 서은경; 한아름Article
2003Emergent effects of heavy metal pollution at a population level: Littorina brevicula a study case송준임Article
2012Estimation of divergence times in cnidarian evolution based on mitochondrial protein-coding genes and the fossil record송준임; 원용진Article
2012Evaluation of μ-calpain inhibitory activity of Korean indigenous marine organism extracts송준임; 서은경; 권영주; 한아름Article
2003Genetic population structure of Littorina brevicula around Korean waters송준임Article
2005Image analysis of typhoon impacts on soft coral community at Munseom in Jeju, Korea송준임Article
1996Isolation of a new carotenoid pigment from an undescribed Gorgonian of the genus Muricella송준임Article
2010Isolation of hyperthermal stress responsive genes in soft coral (Scleronephthya gracillimum)송준임Article
1995Isolation of novel bioactive steroids from the soft coral Alcyonium gracillimum송준임Article
2023Jeju Island: a sentinel for tracking ocean warming impacts on high-latitude benthic communities송준임Article
2012Korea Barcode of Life Database System (KBOL)송준임; 원용진; 정종우Article
2004Molecular cloning of the translation elongation factor 1A (eEF1A) gene from the soft coral, Scleronephthya gracillimum (Kukenthal) and implication on Cnidarian Phylogeny송준임Article
2000New acetylenic compounds from the stony coral Montipora sp.송준임Article
1995New secosteroids from an undescribed gorgonian of the genus Muricella송준임Article
2015Recruitment of the subtropical coral Alveopora japonica in the temperate waters of Jeju Island, South Korea송준임Article
2007Reproductive biology and larval development of the temperate soft coral Dendronephthya gigantea (Alcyonacea: Nephtheidae)송준임Article
2008Sexual reproduction of Anthoplexaura dimorpha (Gorgonacea: Octocorallia) from Munseom, Jejudo Islands, Korea송준임Article
2012Sexual reproduction of the soft coral Dendronephthya castanea (Alcyonacea: Nephtheidae)송준임Article
1996Solandelactones A-I, lactonized cyclopropyl oxylipins isolated from the hydroid Solanderia secunda송준임Article
2003Specificity of two temperate dinoflagellate-anthozoan associations from the north-western Pacific Ocean송준임Article
2011The complete mitochondrial genome of Calicogorgia granulosa (Anthozoa: Octocorallia): Potential gene novelty in unidentified ORFs formed by repeat expansion and segmental duplication송준임; 원용진Article