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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2016A new bias scheme for a low power consumption ReRAM crossbar array신형순; 선우경Article
2020A Novel Hardware Security Architecture for IoT Device: PD-CRP (PUF Database and Challenge-Response Pair) Bloom Filter on Memristor-Based PUF선우경; 이정원Article
2019Analysis of operation characteristics of junctionless poly-Si 1T-DRAM in accumulation mode신형순; 선우경Article
2018Analysis of Read Margin and Write Power Consumption of a 3-D vertical RRAM (VRRAM) Crossbar Array신형순; 선우경Article
2018Analysis of read margin of crossbar array according to selector and resistor variation신형순; 선우경Conference Paper
2019Analysis of the Memristor-Based Crossbar Synapse for Neuromorphic Systems신형순; 선우경Article
2020Analysis of the Sensing Margin of Silicon and Poly-Si 1T-DRAM신형순; 선우경Article
2014Analysis of Uniaxial Strain Technologies for Electron Mobility Enhancement using Self-Consistent Poisson-Schrödinger Equation Solver선우경Doctoral Thesis
2001Charge pumping 방법을 이용한 interface state (Nit) 분석 기법선우경Master's Thesis
2020Effect of Initial Synaptic State on Pattern Classification Accuracy of 3D Vertical Resistive Random Access Memory (VRRAM) Synapses신형순; 선우경Article
2019Fabrication and Characterization of a Thin-Body Poly-Si 1T DRAM With Charge-Trap Effect신형순; 선우경Article
2019Implementation of multi-layer neural network system for neuromorphic hardware architecture신형순; 선우경; 이정원Conference Paper
2019Memristor Neural Network Training with Clock Synchronous Neuromorphic System신형순; 박준희; 선우경Article
2018New modeling method for the dielectric relaxation of a DRAM cell capacitor신형순; 선우경Article; Proceedings Paper
2020Optimization Considerations for Short Channel Poly-Si 1T-DRAM신형순; 선우경Article
2018Read margin analysis of crossbar arrays using the cell-variability-aware simulation method신형순; 선우경Article; Proceedings Paper
2017The effect of a source-contacted light shield on the electrical characteristics of an LTPS TFT신형순; 선우경Article
2019Three-Dimensional (3D) Vertical Resistive Random-Access Memory (VRRAM) Synapses for Neural Network Systems박준희; 선우경Article