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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2015A study on nutritional intakes in middle income adults based on data from the 5th Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey김혜숙Article
1993A. Danto의 변이(transfiguration) 개념과 예술작품의 존재론김주현Master's Thesis
1963Alloxan Diabetes에 對한 Aspirin, Methionine 投與에 關한 硏究김혜숙Master's Thesis
2016Association between dietary flavanones intake and lipid profiles according to the presence of metabolic syndrome in Korean women with type 2 diabetes mellitus장남수; 권오란; 김혜숙Article
2015Association between fish and shellfish, and omega-3 PUFAs intake and CVD risk factors in middle-aged female patients with type 2 diabetes장남수; 김혜숙Article
2014Association between high sensitivity C-reactive protein and dietary intake in Vietnamese young women장남수; 정혜원; 김혜숙Article
2014Association between intake of B vitamins and cognitive function in elderly Koreans with cognitive impairment장남수; 김혜숙Article
2015Association between Intake of Fish and Shellfish and Milk and Dairy Products with Cardio Vascular Disease(CVD) Risk Factors in Middle-Aged Female with Type 2 Diabetes(T2D)장남수; 김혜숙Meeting Abstract
2014Association between kimchi intake and asthma in korean adults: The fourth and fifth korea national health and nutrition examination survey (2007-2011)장남수; 김유리; 김혜숙Article
2016Association between lutein intake and lutein concentrations in human milk samples from lactating mothers in South Korea장남수; 김혜숙Article in Press
2018Association between lutein intake and lutein concentrations in human milk samples from lactating mothers in South Korea장남수; 김혜숙Article
2017Association between maternal intake of n-6 to n-3 fatty acid ratio during pregnancy and infant neurodevelopment at 6 months of age: Results of the MOCEH cohort study하은희; 장남수; 김혜숙Article
2019Association between Total Sugar Intake and Metabolic Syndrome in Middle-Aged Korean Men and Women권오란; 김혜숙Article
2022Association between Use of Nutrition Labels and Risk of Chronic Kidney Disease: The Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (KNHANES) 2008–2019박혜숙; 김양하; 권오란; 김유리; 박윤정; 고광석; 김혜숙; 정승연Article
2020Association of Carotenoids Concentration in Blood with Physical Performance in Korean Adolescents: The 2018 National Fitness Award Project권오란; 김혜숙Article
2017Association of Dietary Flavonoid Intake with Prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in Korean Women Aged >= 30 Years장남수; 김양하; 권오란; 김혜숙Article
2013Association of maternal fruit and vegetable intake and blood cadmium concentration with neurobehavioral development of infant at 6 months: Mothers and Children's Environmental Health (MOCEH)하은희; 장남수; 박혜숙; 김혜숙Meeting Abstract
2018Association of maternal omega-6 fatty acid intake with infant birth outcomes: Korean Mothers and Children's Environmental Health (MOCEH)하은희; 장남수; 이은정; 김혜숙Article
2022Association of Plasma Carotenoid and Malondialdehyde Levels with Physical Performance in Korean Adolescents권오란; 김혜숙Article
2019Association of recommended food score with depression, anxiety, and quality of life in Korean adults: The 2014-2015 National Fitness Award Project권오란; 김혜숙; 김유진Article
2016Associations between Dietary Intake and Urinary Bisphenol A and Phthalates Levels in Korean Women of Reproductive Age장남수; 정혜원; 김혜숙Article
2017Associations between fruit and vegetable, and antioxidant nutrient intake and age-related macular degeneration by smoking status in elderly Korean men장남수; 권오란; 김혜숙Article
2016Associations of dietary intake and metabolic syndrome risk parameters in Vietnamese female marriage immigrants in South Korea: The KoGES follow-up study장남수; 정혜원; 김혜숙Article
2008Associations of maternal folate intake with antepartum and postpartum serum folate levels장남수; 김혜숙Meeting Abstract
2008Associations of maternal folate intake with maternal serum folate level장남수; 김혜숙Meeting Abstract
2007Associations of nutrient intake with growth measurement and Denver development screening test scores in infants장남수; 김혜숙Meeting Abstract
2019Associations of recommended food score and physical performance in Korean elderly권오란; 김혜숙; 김유진; 정겨운Article
2013Birth weight of Korean infants is affected by the interaction of maternal iron intake and GSTM1 polymorphism하은희; 장남수; 박혜숙; 김혜숙Article
2010Blood cadmium concentrations of male cigarette smokers are inversely associated with fruit consumption하은희; 장남수; 박혜숙; 김혜숙Article
2017Breast milk fatty acid composition and fatty acid intake of lactating mothers in South Korea장남수; 김혜숙Article