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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2017Kinetically Controlled Layer-by-Layer Stacking of Metal Oxide 2D Nanosheets황성주Article
2019Korean public rental housing for residential stability of the younger population: analysis of policy impacts using system dynamics이준성; 황성주Article
2008Laponite-based nanohybrid for enhanced solubility and controlled release of itraconazole최진호; 황성주Article
2006Layered titanate-zinc oxide nanohybrids with mesoporosity최진호; 황성주Article
2007Local atomic arrangement and electronic configuration of nanocrystalline zinc oxide hybridized with redoxable 2D lattice of manganese oxide최진호; 황성주; 한아름Article
2019Low Dimensional Nanostructured Materials for Rechargeable Metal-Ion Batteries오승미Doctoral Thesis
2005Low-temperature synthesis of LixMn0.67Ni 0.33O2 (0.2 < x < 0.33) nanowires with a hexagonal layered structure최진호; 황성주Article
2018Measuring Workers' Emotional State during Construction Tasks Using Wearable EEG황성주Article
2010Mesoporous assembly of 2D manganate nanosheets intercalated with cobalt ions황성주Article
2009Mesoporous Assembly of Layered Titanate with Well-Dispersed Pt Cocatalyst황성주Article
2008Mesoporous iron oxide-layered titanate nanohybrids: Soft-chemical synthesis, characterization, and photocatalyst application최진호; 황성주Article
2011Mesoporous layer-by-layer ordered nanohybrids of layered double hydroxide and layered metal oxide: Highly active visible light photocatalysts with improved chemical stability황성주; Gunjakar Jayavant LaxmanArticle
2014Microstructural variation and dielectric properties of KTiNbO5 and K3Ti5NbO14 ceramics황성주Article
2012Microstructure and microwave dielectric properties of Bi 12SiO 20 ceramics황성주Article
2013Microstructures and microwave dielectric properties of Bi2O 3-deficient Bi12 SiO20 ceramics황성주Article
2012Mixed colloidal suspensions of reduced graphene oxide and layered metal oxide nanosheets: Useful precursors for the porous nanocomposites and hybrid films of graphene/metal oxide황성주Article
2011Mixed valence Zn-Co-layered double hydroxides and their exfoliated nanosheets with electrode functionality최진호; 황성주Article
2019Multilayer hybrid nanosheet of mesoporous carbon−layered metal oxide as a highly efficient electrocatalyst for Li−O2 batteries황성주; Sharad Bandu PatilArticle
2017Nano-structure tin/nitrogen-doped reduced graphene oxide composites as high capacity lithium-ion batteries anodes황성주Article
2008Nanohybrids of edible dyes intercalated in ZnAl layered double hydroxides최진호; 황성주Article; Proceedings Paper
2014Nanosheet-based Hybrids for Energy and Environmental Technology김인영Doctoral Thesis
2006Nanostructured TiO2 films for dye-sensitized solar cells최진호; 황성주Article
2008New Antimony Substituted Mg-Al Layered Double Hydroxides최진호; 황성주Article; Proceedings Paper
2007New inorganic-based drug delivery system of indole-3-acetic acid-layered metal hydroxide nanohybrids with controlled release rate최진호; 황성주; 양재훈Article
2017New insight of the photocatalytic behaviors of graphitic carbon nitrides for hydrogen evolution and their associations with grain size, porosity, and photophysical properties황성주Article
2007Non-hydrothermal synthesis of ID nanostructured manganesebased oxides: Effect of cation substitution on the electrochemical performance of nanowires최진호; 황성주Article
2015Non-monotonous dependence of the electrical conductivity and chemical stability of a graphene freestanding film on the degree of reduction황성주; 이영미Article
2018Novel Flexible Transparent Conductive Films with Enhanced Chemical and Electromechanical Sustainability: TiO2 Nanosheet-Ag Nanowire Hybrid황성주Article
2006Novel synthesis of Bis (N-oxopyridine-2-thionato) zinc (II) using solid precursors최진호; 황성주Article
2011One-pot synthesis of core-shell-like Pt3Co nanoparticle electrocatalyst with Pt-enriched surface for oxygen reduction reaction in fuel cells황성주Article