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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018Heterolayered 2D nanohybrids of uniformly stacked transition metal dichalcogenide-transition metal oxide monolayers with improved energy-related functionalities황성주Article
2012Heterolayered Li +-MnO 2-[Mn 1/3Co 1/3Ni 1/3]O 2 nanocomposites with improved electrode functionality: Effects of heat treatment and layer doping on the electrode performance of reassembled lithium manganate황성주Article
2006Heterostructured nanohybrid of zinc oxide-montmorillonite clay최진호; 황성주; 양재훈Article
2007Heterostructured visible-light-active photocatalyst of chromia- nanoparticle-layered titanate최진호; 황성주Article
2009Hierarchically assembled 2D nanoplates and 0d nanoparticles of lithium-rich layered lithium manganates applicable to lithium ion batteries황성주Article
2006High-Tc superconducting thin film from bismuth cuprate nano-colloids최진호; 황성주Conference Paper
2013Highly Efficient Visible Light-Induced O-2 Generation by Self-Assembled Nanohybrids of Inorganic Nanosheets and Polyoxometalate Nanoclusters황성주; Gunjakar Jayavant LaxmanArticle
2013Highly efficient visible light-induced O2 generation by self-assembled nanohybrids of inorganic nanosheets and polyoxometalate nanoclusters.황성주; Gunjakar Jayavant LaxmanArticle
2016Highly stable nanocontainer of APTES-anchored layered titanate nanosheet for reliable protection/recovery of nucleic acid최진호; 황성주Article
2018Holey 2D Nanosheets of Low-Valent Manganese Oxides with an Excellent Oxygen Catalytic Activity and a High Functionality as a Catalyst for Li–O2 Batteries황성주Article
2017Homogeneous cationic substitution for two-dimensional layered metal oxide nanosheets via a galvanic exchange reaction황성주Article
2016Hybrid Simulation Framework for Immediate Facility Restoration Planning after a Catastrophic Disaster황성주Article
2017Hybridization of a Metal-Organic Framework with a Two-Dimensional Metal Oxide Nanosheet: Optimization of Functionality and Stability황성주Article
2019Ile-Lys-Val-ala-Val (IKVAV) peptide for neuronal tissue engineering황성주Review
2015Importance of the tuning of band position in optimizing the electronic coupling and photocatalytic activity of nanocomposite황성주Article
2012Improved electrochromic performances of NiO based thin films by lithium addition: From single layers to devices최진호; 황성주Article
2009Improved photocatalytic activity and adsorption ability of mesoporous potassium-intercalated layered titanate황성주Article
2010Improvement of electrochemical performance of tin dioxide negative electrode materials upon cobalt substitution황성주; 하형욱Article
2017Improvement of Na Ion Electrode Activity of Metal Oxide via Composite Formation with Metal Sulfide황성주; 한옥희; Sharad Bandu PatilArticle
2015In Situ Formation of Conductive Metal Sulfide Domain in Metal Oxide Matrix: An Efficient Way to Improve the Electrochemical Activity of Semiconducting Metal Oxide황성주Article
2008Influence of crystal structure on the chemical bonding nature and photocatalytic activity of hexagonal and cubic perovskite compounds황성주Article
2006Influence of nickel content on the chemical bonding character of LiMn2-xNixO4 spinel oxides최진호; 황성주Article
2008Influence of Synthesis Temperature on the Crystal Structure and Electrode Property of Sulfur-Doped Manganese Oxide Nanowires황성주Article; Proceedings Paper
2006Influences of A- and B-site cations on the physicochemical properties of perovskite-structured A(In1/3Nb1/3B1/3)O3 (A = Sr, Ba; B = Sn, Pb) photocatalysts최진호; 황성주Article
2005Influences of alkaline earth metal substitution on the crystal structure and physical properties of magnetic RuSr1.9A0.1GdCu 2O8 (A = Ca, Sr, and Ba) superconductors황성주Article
2015Information Retrieval Framework for Hazard Identification in Construction황성주Article
2018Intercalative hybridization of layered double hydroxide nanocrystals with mesoporous g-C3N4 for enhancing visible light-induced H-2 production efficiency최진호; 황성주Article
2006Intracrystalline structure and physicochemical properties of mixed SiO 2-TiO2 sol-pillared aluminosilicate최진호; 황성주; 양재훈Article
2008Itraconazole-Laponite: Kinetics and mechanism of drug release최진호; 황성주Article
2017Kinetically Controlled Layer-by-Layer Stacking of Metal Oxide 2D Nanosheets황성주Article