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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2011Cadmium Sulfide Quantum Dots-Based Self-Assembled Nanohybrids with Efficient Visible Light-Induced Photofunctions김효나Master's Thesis
2007Chemical bonding character and physicochemical properties of mesoporous zinc oxide-layered titanate nanocomposites최진호; 황성주Article
2006Chemical bonding nature and mesoporous structure of nickel intercalated montmorillonite clay최진호; 황성주Article
2006Chimie Douce synthesis of chalcogen-doped manganese oxides황성주Article
2018Co2+-Doping of Magic-Sized CdSe Clusters: Structural Insights via Ligand Field Transitions황성주Article
2011Cocatalyst-free photocatalysts for efficient visible-light-induced H 2 production: Porous assemblies of CdS quantum dots and layered titanate nanosheets황성주Article
2005Comment on "Effect of chromium substitution on the lattice vibration of spinel lithium manganate: A new interpretation of the raman spectrum of LiMn2O4"황성주Note
2005Comment on "effect of chromium substitution on the lattice vibration of spinel lithium manganate: A new interpretation of the Raman spectrum of LiMn2O4" - Reply황성주Article
2020Comparison of Emergency Response Abilities and Evacuation Performance Involving Vulnerable Occupants in Building Fire Situations황성주Article
2014Composition-tailored 2D Mn1-xRuxO2 nanosheets and their reassembled nanocomposites: Improvement of electrode performance upon Ru substitution황성주Article
2008Controlled release of donepezil intercalated in smectite clays최진호; 황성주Article
2018Critical Role of the Chemical Environment of Interlayer Na Sites: An Effective Way To Improve the Na Ion Electrode Activity of Layered Titanate황성주; 한옥희Article
2009Cubic and hexagonal mesostructured hexarhenium selenides: The first examples of supramolecular assemblies of octahedral nanoclusters김성진; 김영미; 황성주Meeting Abstract
2009Cubic and hexagonal mesostructured hexarhenium selenocyanides: supramolecular assemblies of octahedral nanoclusters김성진; 김영미; 황성주Article
2018Damage propagation from component level to system level in the electricity sector황성주Article
2008Direct soft-chemical synthesis of chalcogen-doped manganese oxide 1D nanostructures: Influence of chalcogen doping on electrode performance최진호; 황성주Article
2018Distributed and interoperable simulation for comprehensive disaster response management in facilities황성주Article
2018EEG Signal-Processing Framework to Obtain High-Quality Brain Waves from an Off-the-Shelf Wearable EEG Device황성주Article
2018EEG-based workers' stress recognition at construction sites황성주Article
2012Effect of Bi 2 O 3 doping on the sintering temperature and microwave dielectric properties of Li Al SiO 4 ceramics황성주Article
2008Effect of bond covalency on the lattice stability and fatigue behavior of ferroelectric bismuth transition-metal oxides최진호; 황성주Article
2009Effect of cation substitution on the lattice vibration and crystal structure of magnetic RuSr1.9A0.1GdCu2O8 (A = Ca, Sr, and Ba) superconductors양인상; 황성주Article
2007Effect of copper doping on the crystal structure and morphology of 1D nanostructured manganese oxides최진호; 황성주Conference Paper
2016Effective Chemical Route to 2D Nanostructured Silicon Electrode Material: Phase Transition from Exfoliated Clay Nanosheet to Porous Si Nanoplate황성주Article
2008Effects of hydronium intercalation and cation substitution on the photocatalytic performance of layered titanium oxide황성주Article
2007Effects of p- and d-block metal co-substitution on the electronic structure and physicochemical properties of InMO4 (M = Nb and Ta) semiconductors최진호; 황성주Article
2011Effects of polyelectrolyte hybridization on the crystal structure, physicochemical properties, and electrochemical activity of layered manganese oxide황성주Article
2006Effects of sulfur substitution on chemical bonding nature and electrochemical performance of layered LiMn0.9Cr0.1O2-xSx황성주Article
2010Effects of synthesis temperature and precursor composition on the crystal structure, morphology, and electrode activity of 1D nanostructured manganese oxides황성주; 하형욱Article