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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2015Long-range transport of air pollutants originating in China: A possible major cause of multi-day high-PM10 episodes during cold season in Seoul, Korea최용상Article
2017Long-term change of the atmospheric energy cycles and weather disturbances최용상Article
2017Multiple aspects of northern hemispheric wintertime cold extremes as revealed by Markov chain analysis최용상; 김원무Article
2020New Era of Air Quality Monitoring from Space: Geostationary Environment Monitoring Spectrometer (GEMS)유정문; 박선기; 최용상; 안명환Article
2010Observational diagnosis of cloud phase in the winter Antarctic atmosphere for parameterizations in climate models최용상Article
2018Observational estimation of radiative feedback to surface air temperature over Northern High Latitudes최용상Article
2020On the cloud radiative effect for tropical high clouds overlying low clouds강효지Master's Thesis
2020On the cloud radiative effect for tropical high clouds overlying low clouds최용상Article
2012On the numerical integration of a randomly forced system: Variation and feedback estimation최용상Article
2011On the observational determination of climate sensitivity and its implications최용상Article
2012PM 10 weekly periodicity in Beijing and Tianjin, 2000-2009: Anthropogenic or natural contributions?최용상Article
2019Probability Index of Low Stratus and Fog at Dawn using Dual Geostationary Satellite Observations from COMS and FY-2D near the Korean Peninsula유정문; 최용상Article
2021Process-based analysis of relative contributions to the multi-model warming projection over East Asia최용상Article
2013Quantitative precipitation forecast of a tropical cyclone through optimal parameter estimation in a convective parameterization박선기; 최용상Article
2016Rainfall Variability over Zimbabwe and its relation to large-scale atmosphere-ocean processesMAMOMBE VIMBAIMaster's Thesis
2017Rainfall variability over Zimbabwe and its relation to large-scale atmosphere-ocean processes최용상Article
2016Recent changes in winter Arctic clouds and their relationships with sea ice and atmospheric conditions최용상Article
2020Retrieval of ice cloud temperatures using spectral cloud emissivity and its uncertainty김혜실Doctoral Thesis
2015Retrieval of outgoing longwave radiation from COMS narrowband infrared imagery최용상Article
2017Revisiting the iris effect of tropical cirrus clouds with TRMM and A-Train satellite data최용상Article
2014Satellite retrievals of aerosol optical depth over a subtropical urban area: The role of stratification and surface reflectance최용상Article
2013Simulation of Synthetic Cloud and Radiance Data at O₂-O₂ Absorption Band for Geostationary Environmental Monitoring Spectrometer김보람Master's Thesis
2010Space observations of cold-cloud phase change최용상Article
2014Spaceborne lidar observations of the ice-nucleating potential of dust, polluted dust, and smoke aerosols in mixed-phase clouds최용상Article
2020The effect of solar zenith angle on satellite cloud retrievals using O2-O2 absorption band김규연Master's Thesis
2018The Fingerprint of Climate Change and Urbanization in South Korea최용상Article
2012The observed variation in cloud-induced longwave radiation in response to sea surface temperature over the Pacific warm pool from MTSAT-1R imagery최용상Article
2017Tightening of tropical ascent and high clouds key to precipitation change in a warmer climate최용상Article
2017Toward global harmonization of derived cloud products최용상Conference Paper
2019Tropical influence on the North Pacific Oscillation drives winter extremes in North America최용상; 유창현; 성미경Article