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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2013Galois characters arising from Drinfeld modules이윤진; 장승환Article
2019Griesmer codes using constacyclic codes over F_{p^m}[u, v]/〈u^2=v^2=0, uv=vu〉김보현Master's Thesis
2020Hermitian LCD codes over F_4정지혜Master's Thesis
2014Hermitian self-dual codes over F 2 2m + uF22m이윤진; 김현진Article
2018History, tradition, and development of journals of the Korean Mathematical Society이윤진Review
2016Indivisibility of class numbers of real quadratic function fields이윤진; 이정연Article
2018Indivisibility of divisor class numbers of Kummer extensions over the rational function field이윤진Article
2021Infinite families of cyclotomic function fields with any prescribed class group rank이윤진Article
2013Infinite families of elliptic curves over Dihedral quartic number fields이윤진Article
2020Infinite families of irregular primes in cyclotomic function fields이윤진Article
2020Infinite families of MDR cyclic codes over Z(4) via constacyclic codes over Z(4)[u]/< u(2)-1 >이윤진Article
2020Infinite Families of Optimal Linear Codes Constructed from Simplicial Complexes이윤진Article
2017Lee weights of cyclic self-dual codes over Galois rings of characteristic p2이윤진Article
2011MacWilliams duality and a Gleason-type theorem on self-dual bent functions이혜숙; 이윤진; 현종윤Article in Press
2011MDS poset-codes satisfying the asymptotic Gilbert-Varshamov bound in hamming weights이윤진; 현종윤Article
2014Minimum weights and self-duality of cyclic codes over a finite ring Rk이민정Master's Thesis
2019Modular equations of a continued fraction of order six이윤진Article
2016Modularity of a Ramanujan-Selberg continued fraction이윤진; 박윤경Article
2011Multi-Point Algebraic Geometry Codes Using Higher Degree Places김보란Master's Thesis
2014Necessary conditions for the existence of regular p-ary bent functions이혜숙; 이윤진; 현종윤Article
2008New MDS or Near-MDS self-dual codes이윤진Article
2012Newton polygons, successive minima, and different bounds for drinfeld modules of rank 2이윤진Article
2013Nonexistence of certain types of plateaued functions이혜숙; 이윤진; 현종윤Article
2020Ramanujan graphs and expander families constructed from p-ary bent functions이윤진Article
2020Ramanujan's function k(tau) = r(tau) r(2)(2 tau) and its modularity이윤진Article
2008Reflection theorem for divisor class groups of relative quadratic function fields이윤진Article
2018Regulators and class numbers of an infinite family of quintic function fields이윤진Article
2017Regulators of an infinite family of the simplest quartic function fields이윤진; 이정연Article
2005Role of Heat Shock Protein 25 in Oxidative Stress – Induced Apoptosis이윤진Doctoral Thesis
2017Self-dual and cyclic codes over Galois rings김보란Doctoral Thesis