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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2016Construction of extremal self-dual codes over Z8 and Z16이윤진Article
2015Construction of formally self-dual codes over Z_4김보름Master's Thesis
2017Construction of isodual codes over GF(q)이윤진Article
2007Construction of MDS self-dual codes over Galois rings이윤진Article
2012Construction of quasi-cyclic self-dual codes이혜숙; 이윤진Article
2020Construction of reversible self-dual codes이윤진Article
2012Construction of self-dual codes over F 2 + uF 2이혜숙; 이윤진Article
2008Construction of self-dual codes over finite rings Zpm이혜숙; 이윤진Article
2011Construction of self-dual codes with an automorphism of order p이혜숙; 이윤진Article
2020Construction of single-deletion-correcting DNA codes using CIS codes이윤진Article
2017Constructions of Formally Self-Dual Codes Over Z(4) and Their Weight Enumerators이윤진Article
2012Decomposition of places in dihedral and cyclic quintic trinomial extensions of global fields이윤진Article
2021Designing DNA codes from reversible self-dual codes over GF(4)이윤진Article
2012Determining generators of cyclic codes over Z_8 of length 2^e박정임Master's Thesis
2013Erratum: Construction of extremal self-dual codes over F2 + uF2 with an automorphism of odd order (Finite Fields and their Applications (2012) 18 (971-992))이윤진; 김현진Erratum
2008Eta pairing computation on general divisors over hyperelliptic curves y2 = xp - x + d이향숙; 이윤진Article
2016Explicit Criteria for Construction of Plateaued Functions이윤진; 이정연Article
2016Explicit criterions for p-ary functions being non-bent이윤진; 현종윤Article
2013Explicit expression of the krawtchouk polynomial via a discrete green's function이윤진Article
2013Explicit isogeny theorems for drinfeld modules이윤진Article
2018Extremal quasi-cyclic self-dual codes over finite fields이윤진Article
2010Families of elliptic curves over cubic number fields with prescribed torsion subgroups이윤진Article
2011Families of elliptic curves over quartic number fields with prescribed torsion subgroups이윤진Article
2015Families of elliptic curves with prescribed torsion subgroups over dihedral quartic fields이윤진Article
2017Fundamental units and regulators of an infinite family of cyclic quartic function fields이윤진; 이정연Article
2013Galois characters arising from Drinfeld modules이윤진; 장승환Article
2019Griesmer codes using constacyclic codes over F_{p^m}[u, v]/〈u^2=v^2=0, uv=vu〉김보현Master's Thesis
2020Hermitian LCD codes over F_4정지혜Master's Thesis
2014Hermitian self-dual codes over F 2 2m + uF22m이윤진; 김현진Article