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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2012Characterization of Buckwheat Protein with Pepsin and Chymotrypsin and Reduction of Allergenicity of Buckwheat Protein Hydrolysates using Papain이수진Master's Thesis
2004Chitosan-polyurethane 혼합용액과 chitosan-silane 혼합용액 처리 면직물의 천연염색에 관한 연구이수진Master's Thesis
2019Clinical significance of radiotherapy before and/or during nivolumab treatment in hepatocellular carcinoma이수진Article
2019Comprehensive molecular and clinical characterization of Asian melanoma patients treated with anti-PD-1 antibody이수진Article
2005Design and Synthesis of Iminodiacetic Acid Amide Derivatives and Evaluation of Their Antibradykinin and Antihistamine Activities이수진Doctoral Thesis
2020Detection of Fusion Genes Using a Targeted RNA Sequencing Panel in Gastrointestinal and Rare Cancers이수진Article
2013Development of the Ionic CNT-supported Bifunctional Ru/Pd Catalyst for Tandem Ring-Closing Metathesis/Hydrogenation이수진Master's Thesis
1995Drug releasing chitosan microspheres for periodontal therapy이수진Master's Thesis
2000Edith Wharton's critical analysis of the role of women in The house of mirth and The age of innocence이수진Master's Thesis
2004Experimental measurements and Monte Carlo calculations of electron dose distribution for breast cancer patients and evaluation of the ADAC Pinnacle system이수진Master's Thesis
2009Formation of Furan, Furan-derivatives and Nitrogen-containing Compounds from the Thermal Interactions of Glucose with Glutamine, Glutamic acid, Glutaric acid or Ammonium sulfate이수진Master's Thesis
2001FRP로 외부 보강된 철근 콘크리트 보의 보강 변수 영향에 관한 연구이수진Master's Thesis
2019Hypolipidemic effects of high hydrostatic pressure mulberry fruit extract in rats fed high-cholesterol diet이수진Master's Thesis
2019LAG3 in Solid Tumors as a Potential Novel Immunotherapy Target이수진Article
2015Learning English through Christian Topics이수진Master's Thesis
2020Synergistic Effects of Combination Therapy with AKT and mTOR Inhibitors on Bladder Cancer Cells이수진Article
2011TGFβ1 gene delivery to adipose-derived stem cells cultivated in collagen scaffolds for effective chondrogenesis이수진Master's Thesis
2020골 이식재의 종류에 따른 임플란트 주위 골 흡수량의 차이이수진Master's Thesis
2021공동주택 세대 특성의 영향력을 고려한 용도별 에너지사용량 추정모델 개발 연구이수진Doctoral Thesis
2012국내 인수기업의 지배구조와 국내 피인수기업의 주주가치이수진Master's Thesis
2019김혜란 작곡 <시간미> 분석 연구이수진Master's Thesis
2020난민 아동 학습자를 위한 의사소통 중심의 교재개발이수진Master's Thesis
2010내적으로 억눌린 자아에 관한 표현 연구이수진Master's Thesis
2019다문화 정체성 함양을 위한 현대 소설 교육 연구이수진Master's Thesis
2002닷컴과 전통기업간 전략적 제휴 성공요인 파악을 위한 연구이수진Master's Thesis
2019대학 아마추어 오케스트라 구성원의 연주몰입에 관한 연구김은영Master's Thesis
2018맵핑을 활용한 텍스트 시각표현 연구이수진Doctoral Thesis
2001미숙아에서 영양상태 감시인자로써 혈청 프리알부민의 유용성이수진Master's Thesis
2007미혼 성인 남녀 직장인의 애착유형에 따른 직무 만족 및 직무 몰입 특성이수진Master's Thesis
2014박물관 교육의 역사적 변천과정 및 교육적 의미 분석이수진Master's Thesis