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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2015Obesity Resistance and Enhanced Insulin Sensitivity in Ahnak(-/-) Mice Fed a High Fat Diet Are Related to Impaired Adipogenesis and Increased Energy Expenditure이상혁; 배윤수Article
2011p53 and microRNA-34 are suppressors of canonical Wnt signaling이상혁Article
2014Positive feedback loop between Sox2 and Sox6 inhibits neuronal differentiation in the developing central nervous system이상혁; 김재상Article
2013Prediction of Fusion Genes from Sequencing Data김보라Doctoral Thesis
2010Prediction of MicroRNA Relevance to cancer based on Gene Set Analysis서채화Master's Thesis
2016Programming of Plant Leaf Senescence with Temporal and Inter-Organellar Coordination of Transcriptome in Arabidopsis이상혁Article
2019Proteogenomic Characterization of Human Early-Onset Gastric Cancer이상혁; 김재상Article
1997Quantum Treatment of Intermolecular Multiple-Quantum Coherences with Intramolecular J Coupling in Solution NMR이상혁Article
1996Quantum treatment of the effects of dipole-dipole interactions in liquid nuclear magnetic resonance이상혁Article
2016Rapid emergence and mechanisms of resistance by U87 glioblastoma cells to doxorubicin in an in vitro tumor microfluidic ecology이상혁; 김재상; 정연주Conference Paper
2009Regulation of megakaryocytic differentiation of K562 cells by FosB, a member of the Fos family of AP-1 transcription factors전길자; 이상혁; 배윤수; 김재상; 임진경Article
2018Rpd3L HDAC links H3K4me3 to transcriptional repression memory이상혁; 김태수Article
2018Silencing of peroxiredoxin II by promoter methylation is necessary for the survival and migration of gastric cancer cells이상혁; 강상원; 박윤정Article
2012STAP Refinement of the NMR database: A database of 2405 refined solution NMR structures이상혁Article
2018Studying cancer immunotherapy using patient-derived xenografts (PDXs) in humanized mice이상혁; Charles LeeReview
2001Synthesis of singly and doubly spin-labeled maltoses and their EPR spectra이상혁Article
2000Synthesis of singly spin-labeled mono- and disaccharides and their EPR spectra in different solvents이상혁Article
1998The competition between intramolecular J couplings, radiation damping, and intermolecular dipolar couplings in two-dimensional solution nuclear magnetic resonance이상혁Article
2013Transcriptomic Analysis of Insulin-Sensitive Tissues from Anti-Diabetic Drug Treated ZDF Rats, a T2DM Animal Model이상혁; 김완규Article
2010tsORFdb: Theoretical Small Open Reading Frames (ORFs) database and massProphet: Peptide Mass Fingerprinting (PMF) tool for unknown small functional ORFs이상혁Article
2015VAMP2-NRG1 fusion gene is a novel oncogenic driver of non-small cell lung adenocarcinoma이상혁; 김재상Meeting Abstract
2015VAMP2-NRG1 fusion gene is a novel oncogenic driver of non-small-cell lung adenocarcinoma이상혁; 김재상; 정연주Article
2012Variants Affecting Exon Skipping Contribute to Complex Traits이상혁Article
2011VnD: A structure-centric database of disease-related SNPs and drugs이상혁Article
2018폐암 환자의 면역 치료제 반응성 예측을 위한 전사체 데이터 분석손예린Master's Thesis