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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2013Kinetics and molecular docking studies of an anti-diabetic complication inhibitor fucosterol from edible brown algae Eisenia bicyclis and Ecklonia stolonifera이상혁Article
2013Kinetics and molecular docking studies of pimarane-type diterpenes as protein tyrosine phosphatase (PTP1B) inhibitors from Aralia continentalis roots이상혁Article
2017Korean Variant Archive (KOVA): A reference database of genetic variations in the Korean population이상혁Article
2014LncRNAtor: A comprehensive resource for functional investigation of long non-coding RNAs이상혁; 김완규; 박찬이Article
2004MicroRNA genes are transcribed by RNA polymerase II이상혁Article
2011MiRGator v2.0 : An integrated system for functional investigation of microRNAs이상혁; 김완규Article
2013MiRGator v3.0: A microRNA portal for deep sequencing, expression profiling and mRNA targeting이상혁; 김완규; 조수영Article
2008miRGator: An integrated system for functional annotation of microRNAs이상혁Article
2015MiRseqViewer: Multi-panel visualization of sequence, structure and expression for analysis of microRNA sequencing data이상혁; 김완규Article
2011Mixed-type inhibition of tyrosinase from agaricus bisporus by terephthalic acid: Computational simulations and kinetics이상혁Article
2016MONGKIE: An integrated tool for network analysis and visualization for multi-omics data이상혁Article
2001MRP8, a new member of ABC transporter superfamily, identified by EST database mining and gene prediction program, is highly expressed in breast cancer이상혁Article
2002MRP9, an unusual truncated member of the ABC transporter superfamily, is highly expressed in breast cancer이상혁Article
2014NGS 기술을 이용한 한국인 조기 발병 위암 사례에 대한 연구김상옥Master's Thesis
1996Nonlinear-least-squares analysis of slow-motion EPR spectra in one and two dimensions using a modified levenberg-marquardt algorithm이상혁Article
2015Obesity Resistance and Enhanced Insulin Sensitivity in Ahnak(-/-) Mice Fed a High Fat Diet Are Related to Impaired Adipogenesis and Increased Energy Expenditure이상혁; 배윤수Article
2011p53 and microRNA-34 are suppressors of canonical Wnt signaling이상혁Article
2014Positive feedback loop between Sox2 and Sox6 inhibits neuronal differentiation in the developing central nervous system이상혁; 김재상Article
2013Prediction of Fusion Genes from Sequencing Data김보라Doctoral Thesis
2010Prediction of MicroRNA Relevance to cancer based on Gene Set Analysis서채화Master's Thesis
2016Programming of Plant Leaf Senescence with Temporal and Inter-Organellar Coordination of Transcriptome in Arabidopsis이상혁Article
2019Proteogenomic Characterization of Human Early-Onset Gastric Cancer이상혁; 김재상Article
1997Quantum Treatment of Intermolecular Multiple-Quantum Coherences with Intramolecular J Coupling in Solution NMR이상혁Article
1996Quantum treatment of the effects of dipole-dipole interactions in liquid nuclear magnetic resonance이상혁Article
2016Rapid emergence and mechanisms of resistance by U87 glioblastoma cells to doxorubicin in an in vitro tumor microfluidic ecology이상혁; 김재상; 정연주Conference Paper
2009Regulation of megakaryocytic differentiation of K562 cells by FosB, a member of the Fos family of AP-1 transcription factors전길자; 이상혁; 배윤수; 김재상; 임진경Article
2018Rpd3L HDAC links H3K4me3 to transcriptional repression memory이상혁; 김태수Article
2018Silencing of peroxiredoxin II by promoter methylation is necessary for the survival and migration of gastric cancer cells이상혁; 강상원; 박윤정Article
2012STAP Refinement of the NMR database: A database of 2405 refined solution NMR structures이상혁Article
2018Studying cancer immunotherapy using patient-derived xenografts (PDXs) in humanized mice이상혁; Charles LeeReview