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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2014A study on thermoelectric waste heat recovery for optimal energy management윤나리Master's Thesis
2014Achieving maximum power in thermoelectric generation with simple power electronics위대현Article
2014Analysis of a sandwich-type generator with self-heating thermoelectric elements위대현Article
2011Analysis of thermoelectric energy conversion efficiency with linear and nonlinear temperature dependence in material properties위대현Article
2021Approximate formulae for thermal resistance matching of thermoelectric coolers operating at room temperature위대현Article
2011Automatic domain decomposition for semiclassical Bohmian mechanics using k-means clustering위대현Article
2016Band Degeneracy, Low Thermal Conductivity, and High Thermoelectric Figure of Merit in SnTe-CaTe Alloys위대현Article
2014Biological hydrogen production from mixed waste in a polyurethane foam-sequencing batch reactor조경숙; 위대현Article
2011Contributions of the wall boundary layer to the formation of the counter-rotating vortex pair in transverse jets위대현Article
2013Convergence characteristics of a domain decomposition scheme for approximation of quantum forces위대현Article
2016Development and application of three-dimensional potential source contribution function (3D-PSCF)김용표; 위대현Article
2016Economic and Environmental Analysis of Thermoelectric Waste Heat Recovery in Conventional Vehicles Operated in Korea: A Model Study김윤경; 위대현Article
2014Effects of volatile solid concentration and mixing ratio on hydrogen production by co-digesting molasses wastewater and sewage sludge조경숙; 위대현Article
2014Electronic transport properties and vibrational characteristics of pnictogen-substituted skutterudites with alkaline-earth fillers방세미Master's Thesis
2012Electronic, vibrational, and transport properties of pnictogen-substituted ternary skutterudites위대현Article
2019Estimation of the contribution of biomass fuel burning activities in North Korea to the air quality in Seoul, South Korea: Application of the 3D-PSCF method김용표; 이지이; 위대현Article
2015FEM Analysis of Heat Transfer in a 3D TABS with Hollow Spheres Containing PCMs신수진Master's Thesis
2013Frequency of filler vibrations in CoSb3 skutterudites: A mechanical interpretation위대현Article
2012Impact of curvature on the kinematic response of small flames위대현Article
2023Influence of personal cooling at local body parts on workers’ thermal comfort levels under thermal environments with elevated ambient temperatures: A model study위대현Article
2018Investigation of Electron and Phonon Transport via Quantum Mechanical Estimation of Electrical and Thermal Conductivities in Thermoelectric Materials방세미Doctoral Thesis
2020On the volume power density of radial thermoelectric generators위대현Article
2023Potential Source Density Function Discretized김정은Master's Thesis
2022Potential Source Density Function: A New Tool for Identifying Air Pollution Sources김용표; 위대현Article
2015Power generation characteristics of a sandwich-type self-heating thermoelectric generator with spatially varying embedded heat source최정현; 위대현Article
2015Prediction of high thermoelectric potential in AMN<inf>2</inf> layered nitrides: Electronic structure, phonons, and anharmonic effects위대현Article
2019Quantification of uncertainties in thermoelectric properties of materials from a first-principles prediction method: An approach based on Gaussian process regression위대현Article
2012Quasiharmonic vibrational properties of tinisn from ab initio phonons위대현Article
2020Sensitivity of Thermoelectric Properties from the EPA Method and Its Variants on Variations in Phonon Frequencies위대현Article; Proceedings Paper
2021Statistical Analysis of Electron-Defect Interaction in Thermoelectric Materials for the Development of Electron-Defect Averaged (EDA) Approach한민경Master's Thesis