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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2013Leaving-group substituent controls reactivity and reaction mechanism in aminolysis of phenyl y-substituted-phenyl carbonates엄익환Article
2012Mechanistic assessment of S NAr displacement of halides from 1-Halo-2,4-dinitrobenzenes by selected primary and secondary amines: Brønsted and Mayr analyses엄익환Article
2014Mechanistic Studies on Nucleophilic Substitution Reactions of P=S, C=O, C=S and O=S=O Centered CompoundsAkhtar, KalsoomDoctoral Thesis
1994Mechanistic Study on Aminolyses of 4-Nitrophenyl Benzoate(PNPB) and 4-Nitrophenyl Thionbenzoate(PNPTB)權慧眞Master's Thesis
2017Medium effect (water versus MeCN) on reactivity and reaction pathways for the SNAr reaction of 1-aryloxy-2,4-dinitrobenzenes with cyclic secondary amines엄익환Article
2018Medium effect on the alpha-effect for nucleophilic substitution reactions of p-nitrophenyl acetate with benzohydroxamates and m-chlorophenoxide in DMSO-H2O mixtures as contrasts with MeCN-H2O mixtures: comparing two very different polar aprotic solvent components엄익환Article
2006Medium effects on the α-effect in DMSO-H2O mixtures - Comparative studies of p-nitrophenyl benzoate and acetate - Dissection of ground-state and transition-state effects엄익환Article
2011Metal ion catalysis and inhibition in nucleophilic substitution reactions of 4-nitrophenyl nicotinate and isonicotinate with alkali metal ethoxides in anhydrous ethanol엄익환Article
2010Metal ion catalysis in nucleophilic displacement reactions of 2-pyridyl X-substituted benzoates with potassium ethoxide in anhydrous ethanol엄익환Article
2010Metal ion catalysis in nucleophilic substitution reaction of 4-nitrophenyl picolinate with alkali metal ethoxides in anhydrous ethanol엄익환Article
1995Metal Ion Effects on Nucleophilic Substitution Reactions of Aryl2-Furoates and 2-Thiophenates南定賢Master's Thesis
2013Metal-ion catalysis in alkaline ethanolysis of 2-pyridyl thionobenzoate: Effects of modification of electrophilic center from C=O to C=S엄익환Article
2010Michael-type reactions of 1-(X-substituted phenyl)-2-propyn-1-ones with alicyclic secondary amines in MeCN and H2O: Effect of medium on reactivity and transition-state structure엄익환Article
2006Modification of both the electrophilic center and substituents on the nonleaving group in pyridinolysis of O-4-nitrophenyl benzoate and thionobenzoates엄익환Article
2017Multiparameter kinetic analysis of alkaline hydrolysis of a series of aryl diphenylphosphinothioates: models for P=S neurotoxins엄익환Article
2010Nonlinear Hammett plots in pyridinolysis of 2,4-dinitrophenyl X-substituted benzoates: Change in RDS versus resonance contribution엄익환Article
2015Nucleophilic Substitution Reactions of 2,4-Dinitrophenyl X-Substituted-Benzenesulfonates and Y-Substituted-Phenyl 4-Nitrobenzenesulfonates with Azide Ion: Regioselectivity and Reaction Mechanism엄익환; 한소엽Article
2011Nucleophilic Substitution Reactions of Aryl Benzenesulfonates, Methanesulfonates and Related Compounds임리라Master's Thesis
2013Nucleophilic substitution reactions of phenyl y-substituted-phenyl carbonates with butane-2,3-dione monoximate and 4-chlorophenoxide: Origin of the α-effect엄익환Article
2014Nucleophilic substitution reactions of Y-Substituted-Phenyl Benzoates with Potassium Ethoxide in Anhydrous Ethanol: Reaction Mechanism and Role of K+ Ion엄익환Article
2009Origin of the α-effect in aminolysis of y-substituted phenyl diphenylphosphinates: Ground-state versus transition-state contribution엄익환Article
2013Origin of the α-effect in detoxification of paraoxon and parathion by hydrogen peroxide anion엄익환Article
2009Origin of the α-effect in nucleophilic substitution reactions of y-substituted phenyl benzoates with butane-2,3-dione monoximate and z-substituted phenoxides: Ground-state destabilization vs. transition-state stabilization엄익환Article
2010Piperidinolysis of 4-Nitrophenyl X-Substituted benzenesulfonates and related compounds: Effect of changing leaving group and electrophilic center엄익환Article
2010Pitfalls in assessing the α-effect: Reactions of substituted phenyl methanesulfonates with HOO-, OH-, and substituted phenoxides in H2O엄익환Article
2010Pyridinolyses of 2,4-dinitrophenyl phenyl carbonate and 2,4-dinitrophenyl benzoate: Effect of nonleaving group on reactivity and mechanism엄익환Article
2011Pyridinolysis of 2,4-dinitrophenyl phenyl thionocarbonate: Effect of changing electrophilic center from c=o to c=s on reactivity and mechanism엄익환Article
2008Reaction Mechanism and Structure of Transition State Determined from Analysis of Bronsted beta(nuc) for Aminolysis of 4-Nitrophenyl Diphenylphosphinate엄익환Article
2003Regioselectivity and the nature of the reaction mechanism in nucleophilic substitution reactions of 2,4-dinitrophenyl X-substituted benzenesulfonates with primary amines엄익환Article
2002Reinterpretation of curved hammett plots in reaction of nucleophiles with aryl benzoates: Change in rate-determining step or mechanism versus ground-state stabilization엄익환Article