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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2000Catalytic effect of MO4 2- (M=Cr, Mo and W) on hydrolyses of carbon and phosphorus esters안병태; 엄익환Article
2007Choice of solvent (MeCN vs H2O) decides rate-limiting step in SNAr aminolysis of 1-fluoro-2,4-dinitrobenzene with secondary amines: Importance of Brønsted-type analysis in acetonitrile엄익환Article
2007Combined dual substituent constant and activation parameter analysis assigns a concerted mechanism to alkaline ethanolysis at phosphorus of Y-substituted phenyl diphenylphosphinates엄익환Article
2014Comparison of aminolysis of 2-pyridyl and 4-pyridyl x-substituted benzoates in acetonitrile: Evidence for a concerted mechanism involving a cyclic transition state엄익환Article
2001Contrasting solvent effect profiles for alkaline hydrolyses of paraoxone and parathione in DMSO-H2O mixtures엄익환Article
2004Curved Hammett Plot in Alkaline Hydrolysis of O-Aryl Thionobenzoates: Change in Rate-Determining Step versus Ground-State Stabilization엄익환Article
2013Decomposition of paraoxon and parathion by amines, HOO- and oh- Ions: Reaction mechanism and origin of the α-Effect엄익환Article
1999Definitive evidence for a stepwise mechanism: A downward curvature in the plot of k(obs) versus amine concentrations in aminolysis reactions of dibenzo[1,2]oxathiin-6-oxide엄익환; 박종윤Article
2013Dissection of activation parameters in the bell-shaped α-effect following solvent modulation (DMSO-H2O Media)엄익환Article
2000Effect of acyl substituents on the reaction mechanism for aminolyses of 4-nitrophenyl X-substituted benzoates엄익환Article
2010Effect of alkali metal ions on alkaline ethanolysis of 2-pyridyl and 4-pyridyl benzoates in anhydrous ethanol엄익환Article
2010Effect of alkali metal ions on nucleophilic substitution reactions of 4-Nitrophenyl X-substituted benzoates with alkali metal ethoxides in anhydrous ethanol엄익환Article
2008Effect of alkali metal ions on rate of alkaline ethanolysis of diphenyl sulfite엄익환Article
2003Effect of Amine Nature on Rates and Mechanism: Pyridinolyses of 4-Nitrophenyl Benzoate엄익환Article
2002Effect of amine nature on reaction mechanism: Aminolyses of O-4-nitrophenyl thionobenzoate with primary and secondary amines엄익환Article
2004Effect of Amine Nature on Reaction Rate and Mechanism in Nucleophilic Substitution Reactions of 2,4-Dinitrophenyl X-Substituted Benzenesulfonates with Alicyclic Secondary Amines엄익환Article
2004Effect of changing electrophilic center C=O to C=S on rates and mechanism: Pyridinolyses of O-2,4-dinitrophenyl thionobenzoate and its oxygen analogue엄익환Article
2005Effect of changing electrophilic center from carbonyl to sulfonyl group on electrophilicity엄익환Article
2005Effect of modification of the electrophilic center on the α effect엄익환Article
2003Effect of Nonleaving Group on the Reaction Rate and Mechanism: Aminolyses of 4-Nitrophenyl Acetate, Benzoate and Phenyl Carbonate엄익환Article
2005Effect of o-methyl group on rate, mechanism, and resonance contribution: Aminolysis of Y-substituted phenyl X-substituted 2-methylbenzoates엄익환Article
2002Effect of solvent on reactivity and basicity: Aminolyses of p-nitrophenyl acetate in H2O and in DMSO엄익환Conference Paper
1997Effect of Solvent on the α-Effect: Nucleophilic Substitution Reactions of p-Nitrophenyl Acetate with m-Chlorophenoxide and Benzohydroxamates in MeCN-H2O Mixtures of Varying Compositions권동숙; 엄익환Article
2005Effect of substituent on regioselectivity and reaction mechanism in aminolysis of 2,4-dinitrophenyl X-substituted benzenesulfonates엄익환Article
2004Effects of amine nature and nonleaving group substituents on rate and mechanism in aminolyses of 2,4-dinitrophenyl x-substituted benzoates엄익환Article
2009Effects on the reactivity by changing the electrophilic center from C=O to C=S: Contrasting reactivity of hydroxide, p-chlorophenoxide, and butan-2,3-dione monoximate in DMSO/H2O mixtures엄익환Article
2012Electronic nature of substituent X governs reaction mechanism in aminolysis of 4-pyridyl X-substituted-benzoates in acetonitrile엄익환Article
2015Evidence for a Catalytic Six-Membered Cyclic Transition State in Aminolysis of 4-Nitrophenyl 3,5-Dinitrobenzoate in Acetonitrile: Comparative Bronsted-Type Plot, Entropy of Activation, and Deuterium Kinetic Isotope Effects엄익환Article
1997Evidence of a stepwise acyl-transfer reaction mechanism: Nonlinear hammett plots for reactions of p-nitrophenyl substituted benzoates with hydroxide and p-chlorophenoxide권동숙; 엄익환Article
1996Factors influencing S-O bond and C-O bond cleavages in the reactions of 2,4-dinitrophenyl X-substituted benzenesulfonates with various nucleophilic reagents권동숙; 엄익환Article