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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2010Effect of MRT variation on the energy consumption in a PMV-controlled office송승영Article
2018Effect of surface thermal resistance on the simulation accuracy of the condensation risk assessment for a high-performance window송승영Article
2014Effectiveness of a thermal labyrinth ventilation system using geothermal energy: A case study of an educational facility in South Korea송승영; 임재한Article
2017Empirical Validation of Heat Transfer Performance Simulation of Graphite/PCM Concrete Materials for Thermally Activated Building System송승영; 임재한Article
2011Energy efficiency analysis of internally and externally insulated apartment buildings송승영Article
2023Energy efficiency, visual comfort, and thermal comfort of suspended particle device smart windows in a residential building: A full-scale experimental study송승영; 이수진Article
2022Energy Performance and Economic Feasibility Evaluation of Exterior Insulation and Finish System with Truss-shaped Insulation Frame Reflecting Thermal Bridging Effect송승영Article
2020Estimation of energy use and CO2 emission intensities by end use in South Korean apartment units based on in situ measurements송승영Article
2019Evaluation of Alternatives for Improving the Thermal Resistance of Window Glazing Edges송승영Article
2016Evaluation of alternatives for reducing thermal bridges in metal panel curtain wall systems송승영; 임재한Article
2007Evaluation of inside surface condensation in double glazing window system with insulation spacer: A case study of residential complex송승영Article
2014Evaluation of mechanically and adhesively fixed external insulation systems using vacuum insulation panels for high-rise apartment buildings송승영; 임재한Article
2019Experimental evaluation of the ability of an auxiliary heating device to reduce the condensation risk around built-in wardrobes of apartment buildings in winter송승영; 임재한Conference Paper
2015Heating Performance and Occupants' Comfort Sensation of Low temperature Radiant Floor Heating System in Apartment Buildings of Korea송승영; 임재한Article
2023Improvement of thermal insulation performance of precast concrete curtain walls for apartment buildings송승영Article
2017Influence of Drainage Holes on Condensation Risk and Air-tightness of Windows An Experimental Case Study of Triple Glazing PVC Windows송승영; 임재한Article
2015Influence of Thermal Bridges on the Insulation Performance of Curtain Wall Panel Systems송승영; 임재한Article
2006Insulation methods of fastening units in a curtain wall for preventing condensation송승영Conference Paper
2021Insulation Performance Comparison of Curtain Wall Systems with Existing Pipe Frames and Truss-Shaped Insulation Frames송승영Article
2008Insulation plan of aluminum curtain wall-fastening unit for high-rise residential complex송승영; 이준성Article
2019Residential End-Use Energy Estimation Models in Korean Apartment Units through Multiple Regression Analysis송승영Article
2012Statistical analysis on the prediction of linear thermal transmittances for thermal bridges in residential buildings in South Korea송승영; 구보경Conference Paper
2007Subacute toxicity evaluation in rats exposed to concrete and hwangto building environments송승영Article
2016Thermal Insulation Performance of Metal-exterior Curtain Wall Panel Systems with Thermal Bridges in Winter송승영; 임재한Conference Paper
2019Thermally improved triple-glazing windows considering the condensation resistance (TDR) and thermal transmittance (U-factor) to meet Korean standards송승영Article
2022Time-series analysis of the effects of building and household features on residential end-use energy송승영Article
2015건물외피 단열성능 규정에서의 열교영향 반영 필요성 분석박민주Master's Thesis
2020건축물 에너지효율등급 인증 결과의 신뢰도 향상을 위한 주거공간 표준 용도프로필 개선김유정Master's Thesis
2021계측기반 공동주택 표본 세대에서의 용도별 에너지사용량 원단위 통계값 도출 및 분석진혜선Doctoral Thesis
2020계측데이터 기반 표본 업무시설에서의 용도별 에너지사용량 원단위 통계값 도출 및 분석하수연Master's Thesis