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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1993Mobius band의 조형적 표현 연구김선영Master's Thesis
2022Negative life stress, sleep disturbance, and depressive symptoms: The moderating role of anterior insula activity in response to sleep-related stimuli김선영Article
2020Non-commutative groupoids obtained from the failure of 3-uniqueness in stable theories김선영Article
2010Numerical Experiments for Nuclear Norm Minimization Problems김남희Master's Thesis
2010Numerical Experiments with ESDP and SFSDP for 3-Dimensional Anchor-free ProblemsKim, Janet SMaster's Thesis
2009Numerical Experiments with SFSDP for 3-Dimensional Problems and Molecular Conformation임재연Master's Thesis
1999Numerical solutions of Cauchy singular integral equations using generalized inverses김선영Article
2004Numerical stability of path tracing in polyhedral homotopy continuation methods김선영Article
2013Numerical Study on Further Relaxations of the Moment Cone Relaxation for Polynomial Optimization Problems이미희Master's Thesis
2013Numerical Study on Mixed SOCP-SDP Relaxations for Quadratic Optimization Problems마상인Master's Thesis
2015Numerical Study on Parameter Estimations for Heston's Stochastic Volatility Model이상희Master's Thesis
2014Numerical study on the Lagrangian-DNN relaxation of quadratic optimization problem with sparsity exploitation박지혜Master's Thesis
2019On the conditions for the finite termination of ADMM and its applications to SOS polynomials feasibility problems김선영Article
2004PHoM - A polyhedral homotopy continuation method for polynomial systems김선영Article
2006PHoMpara - Parallel implementation of the polyhedral homotopy continuation method for polynomial systems김선영Article
2018Program Annotation김선영Master's Thesis
2009Proteomic analysis of liver tissue from HBx transgenic mice at early stages of hepatocarcinogenesis김선영Master's Thesis
2009Recognizing underlying sparsity in optimization김선영Article
2011SDP Formulations of Rank Minimization and Numerical Experiments이나래Master's Thesis
2022SDP relaxations for fuzzy c-means clustering problems유지영Master's Thesis
2003Second order cone programming relaxation of a positive semidefinite constraint김선영Article
2001Second order cone programming relaxation of nonconvex quadratic optimization problems김선영Article
2016Semidefinite programming relaxation methods for global optimization problems with sparse polynomials and unbounded semialgebraic feasible sets김선영Article
2010Semidefinite programming relaxations for sensor network localization김선영Conference Paper
2019Soft Tissue Expander for Severely Vertical Atrophied Alveolar Ridges김선영Master's Thesis
2020Soft tissue expander for vertically atrophied alveolar ridges: Prospective, multicenter, randomized controlled trial김선종; 김진우; 이종빈; 박성호; 김선영Article
2020Solving a more general matrix completion problem with Tikhonov regularization and APGL method강주연Master's Thesis
2011Solving a Nonconvex Quadratic Optimization Problem by Splitting Coefficient Matrices of its Constraints and its Numerical Experiments이언경Master's Thesis
2019Solving Nonconvex Quadratic Constrained Quadratic Problems with Hollow Matrices이목화Master's Thesis