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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2004IgE-dependent histamine-releasing factor-binding peptides show anti-allergic activity in vivo김미영Doctoral Thesis
2010Impact of depression and activities of daily living on the fear of falling in Korean community-dwelling elderly신경림; 강윤희; 정덕유; 김미영Article
2005J. S. Bach의 Partita No.2 BWV 826에 관한 연구김미영Master's Thesis
2020Living a Daily Life With Self-Awareness Among Older Adults With Mild Cognitive Impairment김미영Article
2013Marital power process of Korean men married to foreign women: A qualitative study김미영Article
2008MBL을 이용한 온실효과 실험이 중학교 1학년 영재교육원 학생들에게 미치는 학습 효과김미영Master's Thesis
2009Methods and strategies utilized in published qualitative research신경림; 김미영Article
1997(Na,K)ATPase와 cofilin사이의 binding site에 관한 연구김미영Master's Thesis
2013Nurses' experiences of Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR) by the narrative inquiry김미영Article
2020Nurses' experiences of providing "sensitive nursing care" for terminally-ill individuals with cancer: A qualitative study김미영Article
2010Nursing Student Perspectives of Course Evaluation in Korea김미영Meeting Abstract
2019Occupational values of nurses who succeeded their mothers in nursing [继承母亲从事护理工作的护士的职业价值观]김미영Article
2016Operation room nurses' ethical value regarding their attitude and meaning of life about organ transplantation in brain death김미영Article
1985P. Verlaine 시에 의한 G. Faure의 5개의 가곡에 대한 소고김미영Master's Thesis
2020Perceptions of optimal end-of-life care in hospitals: A cross-sectional study of nurses in three locations [浅析医院最佳临终关怀:三个地区护士的横断面分析研究]김미영; 강숙정Article
2012Prediction of depression among elderly with mild cognitive impairment living in the community신경림; 강윤희; 정덕유; 김미영Article
2016Predictors of the Health-Promoting Behaviors of Nepalese Migrant Workers김미영Article
2020Process of Diabetes Management in Young Adults with Type 1 Diabetes김미영Article
2017Professional identity of Korean nurse practitioners in the United States김미영Article
2008Re-employment experience of nurses who have left the profession변영순; 김미영Article
2012Reliability and validity of the korean version of belongingness scale-clinical placement experience정덕유; 김미영Article
2015Resilience and Work-life Balance in First-line Nurse Manager김미영Article
2014Self-care behaviors in Nepalese Adults with Diabetes MellitusPratibha, BhandariDoctoral Thesis
2016Self-Care Behaviors of Nepalese Adults with Type 2 Diabetes: A Mixed Methods Analysis김미영Article
2014The 'good nursing' experienced by hemodialysis patients김미영Article
2012The academic work and life experience of newly appointed professors of nursing science김미영Article
2016The effects of aroma massage and regular oil hand massage on the blood cortisol and serotonin level of elderly김미영Article
2015The Experience of Fluid Management in Hemodialysis Patients김미영Article
2013The Impact of acculturation and social support on mental health among Korean-American registered nurses김미영; 이건정Article
2011The process of symptom control in korean women with irritable bowel syndrome박효정; 김미영Article