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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2008Learning-based deformation estimation for fast non-rigid registration김명희Conference Paper
2007Low-cost telepresence for collaborative virtual environments.김명희Article
2005Metabolic visualization and intelligent shape analysis of the hippocampus김명희Conference Paper
2000Modelling, visualization, and interaction techniques for diagnosis and treatment planning in cardiology김명희Article
2011Morphological change tracking of dendritic spines based on structural features김명희Article
2005Morphometry of the hippocampus based on a deformable model and support vector machines김명희Article; Proceedings Paper
2005Morphometry of the hippocampus based on a deformable model arid support vector machines김명희Conference Paper
2001Motion visualization of human left ventricle with a time-varying deformable model for cardiac diagnosis김명희Article
2006Multi-dimensional visualization and analysis of cardiac MR images during long-term follow-up김명희Conference Paper
2004Multi-phase segmentation of the coronary artery in X-ray angiograms김명희Conference Paper
2006Multi-user live video in a shared virtual world for enhanced group collaboration김명희Conference Paper
2006Non-intrusive tracking of multiple users in a spatially immersive display김명희Conference Paper
2014Non-rigid registration of vascular structures for aligning 2D X-ray angiography with 3D CT angiography김명희Conference Paper
2005Perfusion abnormality of the caudate nucleus in patients with paroxysmal kinesigenic choreoathetosis김명희Article
2017Phenotypic feature quantification of patient derived 3D cancer spheroids in fluorescence microscopy image김명희Conference Paper
2014Promiscuous methionyl-tRNA synthetase mediates adaptive mistranslation to protect cells against oxidative stress김명희Article
2017Quantification of patient-derived 3D cancer spheroids in high content screening images김명희Conference Paper
2001Quantitative analysis and visualization of the endocardial and epicardial walls using gated SPECT images김명희Conference Paper
2004Quantitative analysis of gated SPECT images using an efficient physical deformation model김명희Article
2012Quantitative tracking of tumor cells in phase-contrast microscopy exploiting halo artifact pattern김명희Conference Paper
2006Rapid pairwise intersection tests using programmable GPUs김명희; 김영준Conference Paper
2004Reconstruction and navigation of carotid artery based on ultrasonic volume data김명희Conference Paper
2004Regional cerebral hyperperfusion with ictal dystonic posturing: Ictal-interictal SPECT subtraction김명희Article
2007Robust border enhancement and detection for measurement of fetal nuchal translucency in ultrasound images김명희Article
1990SAS를 이용한 GPSS-FORTRAN 결과 분석 지원환경에 관한 연구송주연Master's Thesis
2010Segmentation of abdominal organs incorporating prior knowledge in small animal CT김명희Conference Paper
2005self-CD: Interactive self-collision detection for deformable body simulation using GPUs김명희; 김영준Conference Paper
2005Shape comparison of the hippocampus using a multiresolution representation and ICP normalization김명희Article; Proceedings Paper
2002Shape reconstruction from partially missing data in modal space김명희Conference Paper
2004Simple partial status epilepticus localized by single-photon emission computed tomography subtraction in chronic cerebral paragonimiasis김명희Article