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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2010On the synergistic coupling properties of composite CdS/TiO2 nanoparticle arrays confined in nanopatterned hybrid thin films김동하Article
2008One step route to the fabrication of arrays of TiO2 nanobowls via a complementary block copolymer templating and sol-gel process최진호; 김동하Article
2017One-Step All-Solution-Based Au-GO Core-Shell Nanosphere Active Layers in Nonvolatile ReRAM Devices김동하; Adila Rani; Filipe Marques MotaArticle
2011One-step and self-assembly based fabrication of pt/TiO2 nanohybrid photocatalysts with programmed nanopatterns김동하Article
2017Optimization of coupled plasmonic effects for viable phosphorescence of metal-free purely organic phosphor김동하; 유영민Article
2007Ordered arrays of 〈100〉-oriented silicon nanorods by CMOS-compatible block copolymer lithography김동하Article
2019Organic-inorganic hybrid Sn-based perovskite photodetectors with high external quantum efficiencies and wide spectral responses from 300 to 1000 nm김동하Article
2022Palladium nanoparticles decorated MXene for plasmon-enhanced photocatalysis김동하; Filipe Marques MotaArticle
2014Periodic layered inverse micelle multilayers with tunable photonic band gap: Fabrication and application in dye-sensitized solar cells김동하Article
2017Periodically ordered inverse opal TiO2/polyaniline core/shell design for electrochemical energy storage applications김동하Article
2016Perovskite energy funnels for efficient light-emitting diodes김동하Article
2017Perovskite-based photodetectors: Materials and devices김동하Review
2015Perovskite-fullerene hybrid materials suppress hysteresis in planar diodese김동하Article
2018Perovskite–Gold Nanorod Hybrid Photodetector with High Responsivity and Low Driving Voltage김동하Article
2009Photocatalytic printing of inorganic nanopatterns via poly(styrene-block- carbosilane) copolymer thin films on titania substrates김동하Article
2021Photoechogenic Inflatable Nanohybrids for Upconversion-Mediated Sonotheranostics김동하Article
2019Plasmon and Upconversion Mediated Broadband Spectral Response in TiO2 Inverse Opal Photocatalysts for Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting김동하Article
2019Plasmon-Enhanced Electrocatalytic Properties of Rationally Designed Hybrid Nanostructures at a Catalytic Interface김동하; Filipe Marques MotaArticle
2018Plasmon-Mediated Electrocatalysis for Sustainable Energy: From Electrochemical Conversion of Different Feedstocks to Fuel Cell Reactions김동하Review
2017Plasmon-mediated wavelength-selective enhanced photoresponse in polymer photodetectors김동하Article
2017Plasmon-Sensitized Graphene/TiO2 Inverse Opal Nanostructures with Enhanced Charge Collection Efficiency for Water Splitting김동하; Filipe Marques MotaArticle
2021Plasmon-Triggered Upconversion Emissions and Hot Carrier Injection for Combinatorial Photothermal and Photodynamic Cancer Therapy김동하; 이혁진; Filipe Marques MotaArticle
2014Plasmonic dye-sensitized solar cells incorporated with Au-TiO2 nanostructures with tailored configurations김동하Article
2018Plasmonic Hot Carriers Imaging: Promise and Outlook김동하Article
2011Plasmonic nano-necklace arrays via reconstruction of diblock copolymer inverse micelle nanotemplates김동하Conference Paper
2016Plasmonic Periodic Nanodot Arrays via Laser Interference Lithography for Organic Photovoltaic Cells with >10% Efficiency김동하; Huan WangArticle
2016Plasmonic Solar Cells: From Rational Design to Mechanism Overview김동하Review
2012Plasmonic-coupling-based sensing by the assembly and disassembly of dipycolylamine-tagged gold nanoparticles induced by complexing with cations and anions김동하Article
2018Plasmonics toward Advanced Optical Sensing and Electrocatalysis in Hierarchical Nanostructures이지은Doctoral Thesis
2019Polyethylenimine ethoxylated interlayer-mediated ZnO interfacial engineering for high-performance and low-temperature processed flexible perovskite solar cells: A simple and viable route for one-step processed CH3NH3PbI3김동하; Huan WangArticle