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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2015In Situ Studies of Surface-Plasmon-Resonance-Coupling Sensor Mediated by Stimuli-Sensitive Polymer Linker김동하Article
2022In-plane optical and electrical anisotropy in low-symmetry layered GeS microribbons김동하Article
2020Interfacial engineering of a ZnO electron transporting layer using self-assembled monolayers for high performance and stable perovskite solar cells김동하; 김동욱Article
2020Interfacial Engineering of the ZnO Electron Transporting Layer by Self-Assembled Monolayers for High Performance Perovskite Solar Cells한진영Master's Thesis
2019Investigation of Li-O-2 Battery Performance Integrated with RuO2 Inverse Opal Cathodes in DMSO김동하; 한옥희Article
2020J/psi and psi(2S) production at forward rapidity in p plus p collisions at root s=510 GeV한인식; 김동하Article
2016Layer-by-Layer Self-Assembled Graphene Multilayers as Pt-Free Alternative Counter Electrodes in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells김동하Article
2016Layer-by-layer self-assembly of bisdendrons: An unprecedented route to multilayer thin films김동하Article
2016Ligand-Stabilized Reduced-Dimensionality Perovskites김동하Article
2009Localized surface plasmon resonance coupling in Au nanoparticles/phosphorus dendrimer multilayer thin films fabricated by layer-by-layer self-assembly method김동하Article
2020Mechanistic Study Revealing the Role of the Br3−/Br2 Redox Couple in CO2-Assisted Li–O2 Batteries김동하; Filipe Marques MotaArticle
2014Mesoporous Carbon-TiO2 beads with nanotextured surfaces as photoanodes in dye-sensitized solar cells김동하Article in Press
2012Micropatterns of non-circular droplets of nanostructured Ps-B-Peo copolymer by solvent-assisted wetting on a chemically periodic surface김동하Article
2009Modulation of protein-surface interactions on nanopatterned polymer films김동하Article
2017Molecular overlap with optical near-fields based on plasmonic nanolithography for ultrasensitive label-free detection by light-matter colocalization김동하Article
2006Morphologies in solvent-annealed thin films of symmetric diblock copolymer김동하Article
2007Morphology change of asymmetric diblock copolymer micellar films during solvent annealing김동하Article
2015Multi-layered nanocomposite dielectrics for high density organic memory devices김동하Article
2015N-doped mesoporous inverse opal structures for visible-light photocatalysts김동하Article
2012Nanogap-based dielectric-specific colocalization for highly sensitive surface plasmon resonance detection of biotin-streptavidin interactions김동하Article
2008Nanopatterned carbon films with engineered morphology by direct carbonization of UV-stabilized block copolymer films김동하Article
2015Nanostructured Carbon-TiO2 Shells Onto Silica Beads as a Promising Candidate for the Alternative Photoanode in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells김동하Article
2009Nanostructured gold films for SERS by block copolymer-templated galvanic displacement reactions김동하Article
2020Nanostructured Materials for High Performance Perovskite Photovoltaic and Photodetector Devices권한나Doctoral Thesis
2013Nanostructured metal/carbon hybrids for electrocatalysis by direct carbonization of inverse micelle multilayers김동하Article
2011Nanostructuring polymeric materials by templating strategies김동하Article
2022Narrowing the Phase Distribution of Quasi-2D Perovskites for Stable Deep-Blue Electroluminescence김동하Article
2014Near-field analysis of CdSe quantum dot conjugated core-shell nanoparticle김동하Conference Paper
2016Near-infrared light-responsive nanomaterials for cancer theranostics이승진; 김동하; 김희정; 이혁진Review
2016Non-Volatile ReRAM Devices Based on Self-Assembled Multilayers of Modified Graphene Oxide 2D Nanosheets김동하Article