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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2015Familiarity and liking playing a role on the perception of trained panelists: A cross-cultural study on teas김광옥; 김영경Article
2021Flavor Profiling by Consumers Segmented According to Product Involvement and Food Neophobia김광옥; 정서진Article
2009Functional characterization of the gels prepared with pectin methylesterase (PME)-treated pectins김광옥; 김영석Article
2009Glutathione 첨가에 따른 쇠고기 국의 관능적 특성 및 소비자 기호도정다와Master's Thesis
2001How do the signal detection indices react to frequency context bias for intensity scaling?김광옥; 이혜성Article
2014Identifying the drivers of liking by investigating the reasons for (dis)liking using CATA in cross-cultural context: A case study on barbecue sauce김광옥; 정서진Article in Press
2010Impacts of glutathione maillard reaction products on sensory characteristics and consumer acceptability of beef soup김광옥; 김영석; 홍재희; 이상미Article
2018Importance of Applying Condiments in a Commonly Consumed Food System for Understanding the Association Between Familiarity and Sensory Drivers of Liking: A Study Focused on Doenjang김광옥; 이소민Article
2004Induction of scaling errors김광옥Article
2015Influence of intrinsic factors and extrinsic product information on acceptability for Mulnaengmyeon (Korean traditional cold noodle) broth김광옥; 김진영; 이소민Article
2010Investigation on the flavor enhancing components in glutathione-Maillard reaction products using metabolomic approach김광옥; 김영석Meeting Abstract
2019Investigation on the Intrinsic Potential of Using Potassium Chloride for Partially Replacing NaCl in Kimchi and the Effect of Information on Consumer Acceptance of Sodium-Reduced Kimchi According to Age김광옥; 이소민Article
2017Measurement of product emotions using emoji surveys: Case studies with tasted foods and beverages김광옥; 이소민Article
2011Metabolomic approach for determination of key volatile compounds related to beef flavor in glutathione-Maillard reaction products김광옥; 김영석; 이상미Article
2010Molecular differences of low methoxy pectins induced by pectin methyl esterase I: Effects on texture, release and perception of aroma in gel systems김광옥; 김영석Article
2014Molecular structural differences between low methoxy pectins induced by pectin methyl esterase II: Effects on texture, release and perception of aroma in gels of similar modulus of elasticity김광옥; 김영석Article
2014NaCl 저감 쇠고기 국에서 짠맛과 기호도에 미치는 KCl과 간장 향의 효과이초롱Master's Thesis
2011Operationally defined solubilization of copper and iron in human saliva and implications for metallic flavor perception김광옥Article
2009Optimizing steeping conditions of waxy rice based on the sensory properties of Gangjung (a traditional Korean oil-puffed snack)김광옥Article
1998Optimum roasting and extraction conditions and flavor characteristics of roasted malt extract김광옥Article
2008Paired preference tests using placebo pairs and different response options for chips, orange juices and cookies김광옥; 이혜성Article
2011Paired Preference Tests: Use Of Placebo Stimuli With Liking And Buying Preferences김광옥; 이혜성Article
2014Patterns of sweet liking in sucrose solutions and beverages김광옥Article
1986Phase transitions of wheat starch-water systems containing polydextrose김광옥Article
2007Physicochemical properties of cellulose selectively oxidized with the 2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-1-piperidinyl oxoammonium ion김광옥Article
2002Physicochemical properties of corn starch selectively oxidized with 2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-1-piperidinyl oxoammonium ion김광옥Article
2016Physicochemical properties of enzyme-treated waxy rice flour and expansion properties of Gangjung (a traditional Korean oil-puffed rice snack)김광옥Article
2008Physicochemical properties of partially oxidized corn starch from bromide-free TEMPO-mediated reaction김광옥Article
2008PROP taster status and the rejection of foods with added tastants김광옥Article
2008Properties of chestnut starches and steamed chestnuts with different pretreatment and storage conditions김광옥; 서동순Article