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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018CATA and RATA questions for product-focused emotion research: Five case studies using emoji questionnaires김광옥; 이소민Article
2009Changes in microflora, enzyme activities and microscopic structure of waxy rice and steeping water in response to different steeping conditions during preparation of gangjung김광옥Article
2015Changes in Volatile Compounds of Waxy Rice and Gangjeong (a traditional Korean oil-puffed snack) under Different Steeping Conditions김광옥Article
2009Chemical composition of green teas according to processing methods and extraction conditions김광옥; 김영경Article
2008Cognitive Mediation of Hedonic Changes to Odors Following Exposure김광옥Article
2012Comparing the liking for Korean style salad dressings and beverages between US and Korean consumers: Effects of sensory and non-sensory factors김광옥; 정서진Article
1998Comparison in Use of the 9-Point Hedonic Scale between Americans, Chinese, Koreans, and Thai김광옥Article
2017Comparison of a descriptive analysis and instrumental measurements (electronic nose and electronic tongue) for the sensory profiling of Korean fermented soybean paste (doenjang)김광옥Article
2004Comparison of the statistical analysis of hedonic data using analysis of variance and multiple comparisons versus an R-index analysis of the ranked data김광옥Article
2017Concurrent elicitation of hedonic and CATA/RATA responses with Chinese and Korean consumers: Hedonic bias is unlikely to occur김광옥Article
2016Consumer acceptability of coffee as affected by situational conditions and involvement김광옥; 이소민Article
2012Consumer freshness perception of spinach samples exposed to different storage conditions김광옥Article
2017Consumer perception of balsamic vinegar: A cross-cultural study between Korea and Italy김광옥Article
2004Consumers report preferences when they should not: A cross-cultural study김광옥Article
2013Consumers' attitude towards rice cooking processes in Korea, Japan, Thailand and France김광옥; 조미숙Article
2013Descriptive Analysis of Toothpaste Flavor Using Novel Sample Preparation Procedure김광옥Article
2004Developing a descriptive analysis procedure for evaluating the sensory characteristics of soy sauce김광옥; 정서진Article
2020Development and validation of the food involvement inventory (FII) featuring the attitudinal constructs김광옥; 이은경; 정서진Article
2005Development of a sensory descriptive analysis procedure for green tea and evaluation of the sensory characteristics of decaffeinated green tea이소민Master's Thesis
2008Development of sample preparation, presentation procedure and sensory descriptive analysis of green tea김광옥; 이혜성Article
2008Difference test sensitivity: Comparison of three versions of the duo-trio method requiring different memory schemes and taste sequences김광옥; 이혜성Article
2007Differentiation of aroma characteristics of pine-mushrooms (Tricholoma matsutake Sing.) of different grades using gas chromatography-olfactometry and sensory analysis김광옥; 김영석Article
2020Effect of added hydrolyzed vegetable proteins on consumers' response for Doenjang (Korean traditional fermented soybean paste) soup김광옥Article
2014Effect of familiarity on a cross-cultural acceptance of a sweet ethnic food: A case study with Korean traditional cookie (Yackwa)김광옥; 정서진Article
2017Effect of flour information (origin and organic) and consumer attitude to health and natural product on bread acceptability of Korean consumers김광옥; 이은경Article
2001Effect of milling ratio on sensory properties of cooked rice and on physicochemical properties of milled and cooked rice김광옥Article
2018Effect of portion size on long-term acceptability as affected by consumers' neophobia level: A case study on flavored green-tea drinks김광옥Article
2005Effect of sensory characteristics and non-sensory factors on consumer liking of various canned tea products김광옥Article
2016Effects of Contextual Factors on Consumer Sensory Test전선영Doctoral Thesis
2007Effects of cosolvents on the decaffeination of green tea by supercritical carbon dioxide김광옥; 김영석Article