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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2010A cooperative activation loop among SWI/SNF, γ-H2AX and H3 acetylation for DNA double-strand break repair권종범; 이한새Article
2010A large-scale screening for human bromodomain proteins that function in DNA damage response이슬기Master's Thesis
2010A large-scale screening for human methyl-histone binding proteins that function in DNA damage response이예슬Master's Thesis
2005A proteomics approach for the identification of nucleophosmin and heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein C1/C2 as chromatin-binding proteins in response to DNA double-strand breaks윤영대; 권종범Article
2019Absence of Cytosolic 2-Cys Prx Subtypes I and II Exacerbates TNF-alpha-Induced Apoptosis via Different Routes강상원; 권종범; 강동민; 이두재; 강동훈; 민성춘Article
2009ATM phosphorylation of BRG1 chromatin remodeling enzyme in response to DNA damage권수정Master's Thesis
2014ATM-mediated phosphorylation of the chromatin remodeling enzyme BRG1 modulates DNA double-strand break repair강상원; 권종범Article in Press
2019BAP1 promotes stalled fork restart and cell survival via INO80 in response to replication stress권종범; 강동민; 이한새Article
2021CHIP and BAP1 act in concert to regulate INO80 ubiquitination and stability for DNA replication서혜란Doctoral Thesis
2020Cytotoxic activity of bromodomain inhibitor NVS-CECR2-1 on human cancer cells권종범Article
2005Determinants of HMGB proteins required to promote RAG1/2-recombination signal sequence complex assembly and catalysis during V(D)J recombination권종범Article
2003DNA-PK is activated by nucleosomes and phosphorylates H2AX within the nucleosomes in an acetylation-dependent manner권종범Article
2015Function of BRG1 in DNA damage response and its application in cancer radiotherapy권수정Doctoral Thesis
2014Genome-wide reorganization of histone H2AX toward particular fragile sites on cell activation권종범Article
2012Genome-wide screen of human bromodomain-containing proteins identifies Cecr2 as a novel DNA damage response protein권종범Article
2010Human INO80 chromatin-remodelling complex contributes to DNA double-strand break repair via the expression of Rad54B and XRCC3 genes권종범; 허신경Article
2010Identification of BRCA associated protein-1 and Ran binding protein 9 as human INO80 interacting proteins김윤아Master's Thesis
2013Identification of CHIP-Hsp70 as the E3 ligase complex for Ino80 chromatin remodeling enzyme정다운Master's Thesis
2017INO80 haploinsufficiency inhibits colon cancer tumorigenesis via replication stress-induced apoptosis강상원; 권종범; 오구택; 이대기; 이한새Article
2009Mammalian SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complexes are required to prevent apoptosis after DNA damage권종범; 허신경Article
2006Mammalian SWI/SNF complexes facilitate DNA double-strand break repair by promoting γ-H2AX induction권종범; 허신경Article
2021Modulation of BAP1 Activity by a Small Compound Inhibitor and PARP1-Mediated Poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation강민화Master's Thesis
2008Multiplex analysis of cytokines in the serum and cerebrospinal fluid of patients with Alzheimer's disease by color-coded bead technology최경규; 강상원; 최철희; 권종범; 정지향Article
2011Peroxiredoxin II restrains DNA damage-induced death in cancer cells by positively regulating JNK-dependent DNA repair강상원; 권종범; 이두재Article
2017PFI-3 BRG1 bromodomain inhibitor sensitizes cancer cells to DNA damage황유선Master's Thesis
2016Role of INO80 chromatin remodeler in tumorigenesis and its regulation by BAP1 tumor suppressor이신애Doctoral Thesis
2011Role of INO80 chromatin remodeling complex in genome stability and tumorigenesis허신경Doctoral Thesis
2011Role of mammalian chromatin remodeling complexes in DNA damage response and genome stability박은정Doctoral Thesis
2012Role of the SNF2-family chromatin remodeling complexes in DNA repair and replication이한새Doctoral Thesis
2010Roles of human INO80 chromatin remodeling enzyme in DNA replication and chromosome segregation suppress genome instability권종범; 강동민; 허신경Article