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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2012Identification of target proteins of shear stress-related miRNAs in endothelial cells강상원; 강동훈Meeting Abstract
2002Inactivation of human peroxiredoxin I during catalysis as the result of the oxidation of the catalytic site cysteine to cysteine-sulfinic acid강상원Article
2017INO80 haploinsufficiency inhibits colon cancer tumorigenesis via replication stress-induced apoptosis강상원; 권종범; 오구택; 이대기; 이한새Article
2017Interaction of tankyrase and peroxiredoxin II is indispensable for the survival of colorectal cancer cells이상혁; 강상원; 이대기; 이두재; 강동훈Article
2005Intracellular messenger function of hydrogen peroxide and its regulation by peroxiredoxins이서구; 강상원; 정우진; 창동신; 우현애Review
2008Laminar shear stress up-regulates peroxiredoxins (PRX) in endothelial cells: PRX 1 as a mechanosensitive antioxidant이서구; 강상원; 강동훈Article
2005Letter to the Editor: Resonance assignments and secondary structure of hPrxVI, a 25 kDa 1-cys human peroxiredoxin enzyme [8]강상원Letter
2018Lipidomic profiling reveals free fatty acid alterations in plasma from patients with atrial fibrillation강상원; 황금숙Article
2013Mitochondrial UQCRB regulates VEGFR2 signaling in endothelial cells강상원Article
2013Modulation of bevacizumab-induced toxicity for cultured human corneal fibroblasts강상원Article
2009Multiple functions of Nm23-H1 are regulated by oxido-reduction system이공주; 강상원Article
2008Multiplex analysis of cytokines in the serum and cerebrospinal fluid of patients with Alzheimer's disease by color-coded bead technology최경규; 강상원; 최철희; 권종범; 정지향Article
2016NADPH oxidase 1 activity and ROS generation are regulated by Grb2/Cbl-mediated proteasomal degradation of NoxO1 in colon cancer cells배윤수; 강상원; 이대기; 주정희; 강동훈Article
2014Nuclear and cytoplasmic p53 suppress cell invasion by inhibiting respiratory Complex-I activity via Bcl-2 family proteins강상원Article
2018OCT4 directly regulates sternness and extracellular matrix-related genes in human germ cell tumours강상원Article
2012Oxidative stress induces IKK activation by releasing Hsp60 from mitochondria김지연Master's Thesis
2006Oxidative/nitrosative stress and peroxiredoxin 2 are associated with grade and prognosis of human renal carcinoma강상원Article
2020Peroxidasin is essential for endothelial cell survival and growth signaling by sulfilimine crosslink-dependent matrix assembly강상원; 강동훈Article
2008Peroxiredoxin 1 is Upregulated by Laminar Shear Stress via Nrf2 Transcription Factor이서구; 강상원Meeting Abstract
2011Peroxiredoxin 2 deficiency exacerbates atherosclerosis in apolipoprotein E-deficient mice이서구; 강상원; 오구택; 이미니Article
2013Peroxiredoxin I is a ROS/p38 MAPK-dependent inducible antioxidant that regulates NF-κB-mediated iNOS induction and microglial activation강상원Article
2017Peroxiredoxin I participates in the protection of reactive oxygen species-mediated cellular senescence강상원; 오구택Article
2012Peroxiredoxin II controls migration of human melanoma cells최양지Master's Thesis
2011Peroxiredoxin II Is an Essential Antioxidant Enzyme that Prevents the Oxidative Inactivation of VEGF Receptor-2 in Vascular Endothelial Cells강상원; 김재상Article
2003Peroxiredoxin II is essential for sustaining life span of erythrocytes in mice이서구; 강상원Article
2011Peroxiredoxin II restrains DNA damage-induced death in cancer cells by positively regulating JNK-dependent DNA repair강상원; 권종범; 이두재Article
2004Peroxiredoxin III, a mitochondrion-specific peroxidase, regulates apoptotic signaling by mitochondria이서구; 강상원; 창동신Article
2013Peroxiredoxin-2 represses melanoma metastasis by increasing E-cadherin/β-catenin complexes in adherens junctions강상원; 이두재; 박윤정Article
2005Peroxiredoxins (PRX) are upregulated by laminar shear stress in endothelial gells - Implications of PRX as mechanosensitive antioxidants in a subcellular-specific manner강상원Meeting Abstract
2006Peroxiredoxins as mechanosensitive antioxidants in a subcellular-specific manner강상원Meeting Abstract