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dc.description.abstractSince 1998, with the reform and urbanization of China's housing market, the housing market has achieved great development. During the more than 20 years in Chinese housing market’s development, despite outbreak of the financial crisis and control of Chinese government policies, the housing price fluctuated constantly, but the housing price always maintained the momentum of rapid rise. It has been the goal of scholars that study main factors affecting Chinese housing market and formulate appropriate national macro-control policies. In this paper, we employ fixed effect estimation to examine 22 regional housing markets of China. Based on the panel data of 22 provinces in China, this paper finds that there is a significant positive correlation between housing price, rent, and industrial production index, and a significant between housing price and unemployment rate with negative correlation.;1998년 중국 부동산 시장의 혁명에 따라 중국 부동산 시장은 되게 발전하였다.20년동안 중국 부동산 시장이 금융위기를 극복하고 정부 정책도 시행했지만 집값이 항상 빠르게 올린다.그래서 본문의 목적은 중국 집갃의 주요 영향 요소를 연구하다가 어떠게 거시 정책을 정하면 더 좋은지 설명하도록 하겠다. 본문에서 저희가 고정효과모델 추정으로 중국 22개 성의 대표 도시 부동산 시장을 연구한다.본문에서 집값은 임대료,공업생산지수와 적극적으로 유의하고 실업률과 부정적으로 유의하는 결과 나타난다.-
dc.description.tableofcontentsΙ. Introduction 1 A. Background 1 1. Chinas Housing Market policy 2 2. Theoretical Background 6 3. Practical Background 7 B. Literature 9 Ⅱ. The Model, Data, and Key Estimation Results 13 A. Emprical Model 13 B. Data 15 1. Housing Prices 15 C. Unit Root Test 19 D. Key Estimation Results 19 1. Fixed Effect Model & Random Effect Model 19 2. Endogeneity Test 20 3. Results Analysis 20 Ⅲ. Conclusion 26 Ⅳ. Real Estate Market Development Prospects 28 Reference 29 Abstract 59-
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dc.titleWhat Factors Determine Chinese Regional Housing Markets?-
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dc.identifier.major대학원 경제학과- 2-
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