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Ultrastructural localization of UT-A and UT-B in rat kidneys with different hydration status

Ultrastructural localization of UT-A and UT-B in rat kidneys with different hydration status
Lim S.-W.Han K.-H.Jung J.-Y.Kim W.-Y.Yang C.-W.Sands J.M.Knepper M.A.Madsen K.M.Kim J.
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American Journal of Physiology - Regulatory Integrative and Comparative Physiology
0363-6119JCR Link
vol. 290, no. 2, pp. R479 - R492
Urea transport in the kidney is mediated by a family of transporter proteins, including renal urea transporters (UT-A) and erythrocyte urea transporters (UT-B). We aimed to determine whether hydration status affects the subcellular distribution of urea transporters. Male Sprague-Dawley rats were divided into three groups: dehydrated rats (WD) given minimum water, hydrated rats (WL) given 3% sucrose in water for 3 days before death, and control rats given free access to water. We labeled kidney sections with antibodies against UT-A1 and UT-A2 (L194), UT-A3 (Q2), and UT-B using preembedding immunoperoxidase and immunogold methods. In control animals, UT-A1 and UT-A3 immunoreactivities were observed throughout the cytoplasm in inner medullary collecting duct (IMCD) cells, and weak labeling was observed on the basolateral plasma membrane. UT-A2 immunoreactivity in the descending thin limbs (DTL) was observed mainly on the apical and basolateral membranes of type I epithelium, and very faint labeling was observed in the long-loop DTL at the border between the outer and inner medulla. UT-A1 immunoreactivity intensity was markedly lower, and UT-A3 immunoreactivity was higher in IMCD of WD vs. controls. UT-A2 immunoreactivity intensities in the plasma membrane and cytoplasm of type I, II, and III epithelia of DTL were greater in WD vs. controls. In contrast, UT-A1 expression was greater and UT-A 2 and UT-A3 expressions were lower in WL vs. controls. The subcellular distribution of UT-A in DTL or IMCD did not differ between control and experimental animals. UT-B was expressed in the plasma membrane of the descending vasa recta of both control and experimental animals. UT-B intensity was higher in WD and lower in WL vs. controls. These data indicate that changes in hydration status over 3 days affected urea transporter protein expression without changing its subcellular distribution. Copyright © 2006 the American Physiological Society.
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