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dc.description.abstractThe Korean Wave or ‘Hallyu’ has been a leading cultural diplomacy tool employed by South Korea to promote its positive image to the world. Considering the international popularity of the Korean Wave, and South Korea's need for foreign students, this study proposes a perspective on the influence that the Korean Wave has in increasing inbound student mobility to Korea. The findings prove that the Korean Wave provides as a unique way to induce foreign students to choose Korea as their study destination. However, the foreign students’ perception of Korea, led by the Korean Wave, changes after they have stayed in Korea. The research then looks deeper into the real living and studying conditions of foreign students in Korea; addresses the issues, impressions, achievements, future prospects; and proposes suggestions for the Korean government, educational institutions, and potential international students regarding overseas study in Korea.;한류 또는 ‘Korean Wave’는 한국의 긍정적인 모습을 홍보하기 위하여 중요한 문화적인 외교 도구로 삼게 되었다. 해외에서의 한류의 큰 인기와 한국에서의 외국인 유학생의 필요성을 고려하여 본 연구는 한국에서 유학 중인 외국인 학생들의 이동성에 미친 한류의 영향을 제시하고 있다. 결과적으로 한류는 유학생들이 한국을 유학의 목적지로 선택하게 되는 독특한 방법임을 볼 수 있다. 그러나 실제로 한국 생활을 하게 된 후 한국에 대한 유학생들의 지각의 변함이 보일 수 있다. 본 연구는 한국에서의 유학생들의 일상생활 및 공부의 조건들을 살펴 보며, 문제점, 인상, 업적, 그리고 장래 전망을 지적하여 한국정부, 교육 기관 또 외국인 학생들에게 한국에서의 유학에 대한 제안을 제시하였다.-
dc.description.tableofcontentsI. INTRODUCTION 1 A. Motivation and Purposes 1 B. Research Methodology 3 II. LITERATURE REVIEW 6 A. International Student Mobility 6 1. Definition 6 2. Benefits of international student mobility on host country and sending country 6 3. Factors attracting international students to a destination country 8 4. Recent trends in international student mobility 10 B. Public Diplomacy and Cultural Diplomacy 11 1. Soft Power 11 2. Public diplomacy 12 3. Cultural diplomacy 14 4. Why South Korea should exercise soft power 15 III. OVERVIEW ON OVERSEAS EDUCATION IN SOUTH KOREA, ITS PUBLIC AND CULTURAL DIPLOMACY, AND THE KOREAN WAVE 17 A. South Koreas Demand for International Students 17 1. History and development of the need for internationalization of Koreas education 17 2. Recent factors and approaches 19 3. Statistical overview on the number of foreign students in Korea 22 4. Koreas position among destination countries for overseas study 25 5. World ranking of Korean universities 27 6. Issues and criticism 28 B. Koreas Perspective and Practices in Public Diplomacy and Cultural diplomacy 29 C. Korean Wave as South Koreas Main Cultural Diplomacy Tool 36 1. Definition of the Korean Wave 36 2. How the Korean Wave has become an important tool for Koreas public diplomacy 37 3. The promotion of the Korean Wave as Koreas public diplomacy tool and its success stories 39 4. Concerns and limitations of the Korean Wave 44 IV. FINDINGS AND ANALYSIS 46 A. Demographic Background of Foreign Students with Interests in the Korean Wave 46 1. Age 46 2. Gender 46 3. Nationality 46 4. Occupation prior to studying in Korea 47 5. Courses and field of study 48 6. Institution in Korea 49 B. The Role of the Korean Wave in Introducing Korea Overseas and Creating Initiation to Study in Korea 50 C. Factors Supporting a Students Decision to Study in Korea 54 1. Scholarship, exchange programs, and partnership with foreign institutions 55 2. Availability of courses and information 56 3. Career opportunities 58 4. Satisfaction in Koreas physical environment 60 5. Recommendations 60 6. Immigration policies 62 D. Difference between the Perception of Korea led by the Korean Wave and Reality 62 1. Positive difference 63 2. Neutral/No expectation 64 3. Negative difference 64 E. Experience of Living in Korea 66 1. Impression 66 2. Difficulties and discomfort 70 F. Experience of Study in Korea 75 1. Impression 76 2. Difficulties 77 G. Foreign Students Solution to Difficulties in Life and Study in Korea 83 1. Accept and adapt 83 2. Receive assistance and advice 85 3. Enjoy the positive side 86 H. Foreign Students Achievement from Study in Korea 87 I. Future Prospects 89 J. Suggestions to Overseas Fans of the Korean Wave and Potential International Students 93 1. Advice for study in Korea 93 2. Objections against study in Korea 95 K. Discussion on the Sustainability of the Korean Wave as Koreas Tool to Attract Foreigners 96 L. Conclusion of the Findings and Empirical Analysis 98 1. Assumptions 98 2. Research questions 99 V. CONCLUSION AND DISCUSSION 108 A. Implications and Recommendations 110 B. Suggestions for Future Research 113 REFERENCES 115 APPENDIX 1. QUESTIONNAIRE 126 APPENDIX 2. INTERVIEW QUESTIONS 134 논문초록 137-
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dc.titleThe Role of the Korean Wave as South Korea's Cultural Diplomacy Tool in Promoting Inbound International Student Mobility-
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