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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
-Prediction and categorization of fabric drapability for 3D garment virtualization윤창상Article; Early Access
2015The effect of fabric movement on washing performance in a front-loading washer II: under various physical washing conditions윤창상Article
2015Post-consumer Energy Consumption of Textile Products During 'Use' Phase of the Lifecycle윤창상Article
2015Comparison of environmental and economic impacts caused by the washing machine operation of various regions윤창상Article
2016The effect of fabric movement on washing performance in a front-loading washer III: Focus on the optimized movement algorithm윤창상Article
2016Assessment of Environmental and Economic Impacts Made by the Reduced Laundering of Self-cleaning Fabrics윤창상Article
2017Sustainable Care of Textile Products and Its Environmental Impact: Tumble-drying and Ironing Processes윤창상Article
2017Washing efficiency and fabric damage by beating and rubbing movements in comparison with a front-loading washer윤창상Article
2017The effect of fabric movement on washing performance in a front-loading washer IV: under 3.25-kg laundry load condition윤창상Article
2019Fabric movement and washing performance in a front-loading washer with a built-in pulsator윤창상Review
2019Applying an eMASS Customization Program as a Research Tool to Evaluate Consumer Benefits박민정Article
2019Development of non-fluorine superhydrophobic textiles using polypropylene resins윤창상Article
2020Effects of perceived interactivity of augmented reality on consumer responses: A mental imagery perspective박민정Article
2019Identifying factors that influence individuals' intentions to quit body tanning: A sociocultural perspective이세희Article
2018Development of superhydrophobic energy harvesting textile via plasma treatment of poly(vinylidene fluoride) nanoweb윤창상Conference Paper
2018Fabric movement and washing performance in the new front-loading washer with built-in pulsator윤창상Conference Paper
2018Development of a superhydrophobic electrospun poly(vinylidene fluoride) web via plasma etching and water immersion for energy harvesting applications윤창상Article
2018Heat Transfer Characteristics of Aluminum Sputtered Fabrics윤창상Article
2019Electrically conductive and superhydrophobic textiles via pyrrole polymerization and surface hydrophobization after alkaline hydrolysis윤창상Article
2019Development of superhydrophobic textiles via polyvinylidene fluoride phase separation in one-step process윤창상Article