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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1994Crystallization kinetics of nylon 6김종준Article
2017Cycle wear functional design preference and demands based on gender -focusing on cycle wear top-김동은Article
2016The effects of e-mass customization on consumer perceived value, satisfaction, and loyalty toward luxury brands박민정Article
2015A conceptual framework for Asian women's emotional needs in fashion design이인성Article
2006Fibril removal from lyocell by enzymatic treatment전동원Conference Paper
2006Characterization of chitosan as a medical grade전동원Conference Paper
2014A study of scan garment accuracy and reliability김동은Article in Press
2011Attitudes Toward Counterfeit Purchases and Ethical Beliefs Among Korean and American University Students이승희Article
2014The effects of surface energy and roughness on the hydrophobicity of woven fabrics김주연Article
2014Comparison of filtration efficiency and pressure drop in anti-yellow sandmasks, quarantine masks, medical masks, general masks, and handkerchiefs김주연Article
2014Contributing ratio of the mechanical and the physicochemical actions to washing efficiency of mineral oil and protein soils김주연Article
2012Induction of classical activation of macrophage in vitro by water soluble chitin전동원Article
2012Anti-allergic activity of crystallinity controlled N-acetyl glucosamine전동원Article
2012Asymmetrical effects of past experiences with genuine fashion luxury brands and their counterfeits on purchase intention of each이승희Article
2012Novel application of human periodontal ligament stem cells and water-soluble chitin for collagen tissue regeneration: In vitro and in vivo investigations전동원Article
2011Vanity and public self-consciousness: A comparison of fashion consumer groups and gender이승희Article
2011Materialism, fashion consumers and gender: A cross-cultural study이승희Article
2005Image analysis of the luster of fabrics with modified cross-section fibers김종준Article
2005Effects of chitosan nonwoven membrane on periodontal healing of surgically created one-wall intrabony defects in beagle dogs전동원Article
2004Luster properties of polyester filament yarn woven fabrics김종준Article