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Design of android type humanoid robot Albert HUBO

Design of android type humanoid robot Albert HUBO
Oh J.-H.Hanson D.Kim W.-S.Han I.Y.Kim J.-Y.Park I.-W.
Ewha Authors
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IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems
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To celebrate the 100 th anniversary of the announcement of the special relativity theory of Albert Einstein, KAIST HUBO team and hanson robotics team developed android type humanoid robot Albert HUBO which may be the world's first expressive human face on a walking biped robot. The Albert HUBO adopts the techniques of the HUBO design for Albert HUBO body and the techniques of hanson robotics for Albert HUBO's head. Its height and weight are 137cm and 57Kg. Albert HUBO has 66 DOFs(31 for head motions and 35 for body motions) And head part uses 'Fubber' materials for smooth artificial skin and 28 servo motors for face movements and 3 servo motors for neck movements are used for generating a full range of facial expressions such as laugh, sadness, angry, surprised, etc. and body is modified with HUBO(KHR-3) introduced in 2004 to join with Albert HUBO's head and 35 DC motors are embedded for imitating various human-like body motions. © 2006 IEEE.
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