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Is one-stage bilateral sequential total hip replacement as safe as unilateral total hip replacement?

Is one-stage bilateral sequential total hip replacement as safe as unilateral total hip replacement?
Kim Y.-H.Kwon O.-R.Kim J.-S.
Ewha Authors
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Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery - Series B
0301-620XJCR Link
vol. 91, no. 3, pp. 316 - 320
We investigated whether simultaneous bilateral sequential total hip replacement (THR) would increase the rate of mortality and complications compared with unilateral THR in both low- and high-risk groups of patients. We enrolled 978 patients with bilateral and 1666 with unilateral THR in the study. There were no significant pre-operative differences between the groups in regard to age, gender, body mass index, diagnosis, comorbidity as assessed by the grading of the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), the type of prosthesis and the duration of follow-up. The mean follow-up was for 10.5 years (5 to 13) in the bilateral THR group and 9.8 years (5 to 14) in the unilateral group. The peri-operative mortality rate of patients who had simultaneous bilateral THR (0.31%, three of 978 patients) was similar to that of patients with unilateral THR (0.18%, three of 1666 patients). The peri-operative mortality rate of patients in the bilateral group was similar in high risk and low risk patients (0.70%, two of 285 patients vs 0.14%, one of 693 patients) and this was also true in the unilateral THR group (0.40%, two of 500 patients vs 0.09%, one of 1166 patients). Patients with bilateral THR required more blood transfusions and a longer hospital stay than those in the unilateral THR group. There was no significant difference (p = 0.32) in the overall number of complications between the groups. This was also true for the low-risk (p = 0.81) vs high-risk (p = 0.631) patients. Our findings confirm that simultaneous sequential bilateral THR is a safe option for patients who are considered to be either high or low risk according to the ASA classification. © 2009 British Editorial Society.
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