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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018Essential Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle박소영Master's Thesis
2018Academic Strategies조재은Master's Thesis
2018English for Operation Managers장인향Master's Thesis
2018Cooking Around the World for Children최혜인Master's Thesis
2018Developing Accuracy with Communicative Tasks김지선Master's Thesis
2018Cross-Cultural Business Communication through CLT정혜수Master's Thesis
2018Real Life Parenting and Communication in English차소향Master's Thesis
2018Content-based Instruction of reading and writing to 6th grades English language learner천예원Master's Thesis
2018Free talk and writing on current issues for young adults김유리Master's Thesis
2018Learning English through Roald Dahl’s stories최은주Master's Thesis