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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2014English Learning for Communicative CompetenceKim, Yu HwaMaster's Thesis
2014Communicative and Critical English Learning through LiteraturePark, MinjinMaster's Thesis
2014English Textbook Based on English FilmsHwang, Chan SunMaster's Thesis
2014Become A Proficient Language UserJung, MarieMaster's Thesis
2014Learning English Through MusicalsOh, Jae YounMaster's Thesis
2014Learning Reading and Writing with Newspaper ArticlesLee, Bo MiMaster's Thesis
2014Reading for FunKim, Jee YonMaster's Thesis
2014Enjoy Learning EnglishKim, Bo YoungMaster's Thesis
2014Percy Jackson and the Olympians "the Lightning Thief"Ha, Kyong HeeMaster's Thesis
2014Let’s Have Fun with LexisShin, Ji AhnMaster's Thesis