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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2013Chest X-Ray ExaminationOh, Gi-EunMaster's Thesis
2013English for Emigration PurposeLee, SunyoungMaster's Thesis
2013Debating Current IssuesLee, Min JinMaster's Thesis
2013An Extensive Reading Activity For Middle School Students’ Extracurricular ClassChun, Hye SookMaster's Thesis
2013Practical reading and debate for Korean middle school studentsLee, Min HaeMaster's Thesis
2013Communicative English Through MoviesJung, Yeon SunMaster's Thesis
2013Making FriendsPark, Joo hyunMaster's Thesis
2013Theme-based English instruction based on the Nuri curriculumNa, GoeunMaster's Thesis
2013Reading Stories for Young Learners in KoreaKim, Yoo JeongMaster's Thesis
2013Teaching Asian CulturesKim, HannahMaster's Thesis