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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2016Relationships between flexible display's form factors and its user experience types류한영; 정승은Article
2016Effects of question style in user’s emotion survey: Using the case of FWA’s best award winning website류한영; 박주현Conference Paper
2015Gain of a new exon by a lineage-specific Alu element-integration event in the BCS1L gene during primate evolution박영일Article
2015Quantitative expression analysis of APP pathway and tau phosphorylation-related genes in the ICV STZ-induced non-human primate model of sporadic alzheimer’s disease박영일Article
2014Griddy: A drawing based music composition system with multi-layered structure여운승Conference Paper
2014Towards touch screen live instruments with less risk: A gestural approach여운승Conference Paper
2014Designing interactive narratives for mobile augmented reality남양희Article in Press
2005Vortex fluid for gaseous phenomena김명준Conference Paper
2010K-MART: Authoring tool for mixed reality contents남양희Conference Paper
2005GPU-based 3D oriental color-ink rendering남양희Conference Paper
2008PLace-aware active promotion (PLAP) technique남양희Conference Paper
2007Handheld AR indoor guidance system using vision technique남양희Conference Paper
2008An analysis of Korean national information strategy of IT839김원용Conference Paper
2008Applying the technology acceptance model and flow theory to cyworld user behavior: Implication of the web2.0 user acceptance (Cyberpsychology and Behavior (2008) 11:3 (378-382))김원용Erratum
2007Camera-based mobile indoor guidance system in mixed reality남양희Conference Paper
2007Mobile number portability on customer switching behavior: In the case of the Korean mobile market김원용Article
2006Future public information infrastructure: Lessons from four US case studies김원용Article
2005Oriental color-ink model based painterly rendering for realtime application남양희Conference Paper
2014Progesterone production is affected by unfolded protein response (UPR) signaling during the luteal phase in mice박영일Article
2009A new cubic B-Splines design method for pen input environment김명준Article