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Korean Asthma Guideline 2014: Summary of major updates to the Korean Asthma Guideline 2014

Korean Asthma Guideline 2014: Summary of major updates to the Korean Asthma Guideline 2014
Kim D.K.Park Y.B.Oh Y.-M.Jung K.-S.Yoo J.H.Yoo K.-H.Kim K.H.Kim J.H.Min K.H.Park I.W.Sung S.K.Shin S.S.Shim Y.S.Shim J.J.Uh S.T.Yong S.J.Mock Y.Z.Yoo C.-G.Yoon H.K.Lee K.H.Lee S.D.Lee S.Y.Lee S.W.Lim S.Y.Lim S.C.Choi H.S.Koo H.-K.Kim K.U.Kim S.-H.Kim S.W.Kim S.R.Kim Y.S.Kim E.K.Kim Y.H.Kim T.-H.Kim H.J.Kim H.K.Ra S.W.Ryu Y.J.Lee W.-Y.Moon J.-Y.Park S.Y.Park J.K.Park H.K.Park H.Y.Byun M.K.Shin K.C.Sim Y.S.Um S.J.Yoon Y.S.Yoon H.I.Lee Y.S.Lee J.H.Lee J.-H.Rhee C.K.Lee C.H.Jung J.Y.Jo E.J.Choi E.Y.Heo E.Y.Hwang Y.I.
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Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases
1738-3536JCR Link
Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases vol. 79, no. 3, pp. 111 - 120
Korean National Tuberculosis Association
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Asthma is a prevalent and serious health problem in Korea. Recently, the Korean Asthma Guideline has been updated by The Korean Academy of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases (KATRD) in an effort to improve the clinical management of asthma. This guideline focuses on adult patients with asthma and aims to deliver up to date scientific evidence and recommendations to general physicians for the management of asthma. For this purpose, this guideline was updated following systematic review and meta-analysis of recent studies and adapting some points of international guidelines (Global Initiative for Asthma [GINA] report 2014, National Asthma Education and Prevention Program [NAEPP] 2007, British Thoracic Society [BTS/SIGN] asthma guideline 2012, and Canadian asthma guideline 2012). Updated issues include recommendations derived using the population, intervention, comparison, and outcomes (PICO) model, which produced 20 clinical questions on the management of asthma. It also covers a new definition of asthma, the importance of confirming various airflow limitations with spirometry, the epidemiology and the diagnostic flow of asthma in Korea, the importance and evidence for inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) and ICS/formoterol as a single maintenance and acute therapy in the stepwise management of asthma, assessment of severity of asthma and management of exacerbation, and an action plan to cope with exacerbation. This guideline includes clinical assessments, and treatment of asthma-chronic obstructive pulmonary disease overlap syndrome, management of asthma in specific conditions including severe asthma, elderly asthma, cough variant asthma, exercise-induced bronchial contraction, etc. The revised Korean Asthma Guideline is expected to be a useful resource in the management of asthma. © Copyright 2016 The Korean Academy of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases. All rights reserved.
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