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Intraarticular anatomic variants associated with discoid meniscus in Koreans

Intraarticular anatomic variants associated with discoid meniscus in Koreans
Kim S.-J.Lee Y.-T.Kim D.-W.
Ewha Authors
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Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research
0009-921XJCR Link
no. 356, pp. 202 - 207
From July 1990 through June 1994, 106 knees (102 patients) were treated for discoid meniscus. Fifteen knees (15 patients) were associated with other intraarticular anatomic variants. There were eight knees (8 patients) with anomalous insertion of the anterior horn of the medial meniscus into the anterior cruciate ligament, and seven knees (7 patients) with anterior expansion of the anterior portion of the anterior cruciate ligament below the anterior tibial margin. Among the latter, one patient also had anterior transposition of the anterior insertion of the medial meniscus, while obliteration of the popliteal hiatus was seen in another patient. The discoid menisci were reshaped in 13 knees (13 patients), totally resected in one knee, and in one patient the discoid meniscus was treated with repair of a peripheral tear and reshaping. Followup ranged from 24 to 54 months (average, 37 months) after surgery. The results were excellent in eight knees, good in five knees, and fair in two knees as graded using the Ikeuchi scale. These anatomic variants, other than the discoid meniscus, did not seem to be related to the patient's symptoms.
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