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dc.description.abstractHigh maternal mortality rates have persistently been a major challenge within Nigeria. This study focuses on the determinants of higher incidences of maternal deaths in the North, which records higher maternal deaths compared to the South. Data from the National Budget office, National Health Accounts, and the National Demographic Health Survey 2013 for healthcare services measured by (access to health facility, skilled birth attendant, use of contraceptives and antennal care) on the 36 states of the Federation including the FCT are disaggregated into the six geopolitical zones. The results showed support for the hypotheses that decreased funding for the health sector in the North compared to the South is responsible for the disparity in maternal mortality rates in the country. The implication of this study is that an increased effort to reduce this challenge largely requires the focus and commitment of political leaders on funding. A complementary source of funding known as Social Impact Bonds is discussed.;높은 산모 사망률은 나이지리아의 심각한 문제로 지속적으로 지적 되었다. 본 연구는 남부에 비해 높은 북부의 산모 사망률의 원인에 초점을 맞추고 있다. 국가 예산부처, 보건부의 자료 및 FCT를 포함한 36개의 연방주를 대상으로 시행된 2013 국립 인구 건강 조사 데이터는 (의료 시설, 숙련된 출산 도우미, 피임약의 사용, 출산 전 관리에 대한 접근) 여섯 개 지역으로 세분화 하였다. 남부에 비해 북부지역에서 보건 부문에 대한 자금이 급격히 감소된 것이 지역내의 산모 사망률의 차이를 설명하고 이는 본 연구의 가설을 증명하고 있다. 본 연구는 산모 사망률의 지역간 편차를 줄이기 위해서는 재정에 대한 정치 지도자의 약속과 노력을 필요함을 시사한다.-
dc.description.tableofcontentsI. INTRODUCTION 1 II. THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK AND LITERATURE REVIEW 10 A. Global Overview of Maternal mortality 10 1. Education and Maternal Mortality 11 B. Causes of Maternal mortality 13 C. Measures to Curb Maternal mortality 19 D. Vulnerability Theory and Maternal Health 24 III. COUNTRY BACKGROUND 26 A. Demography 26 B. Nigeria's Healthcare Delivery System 30 II. OVERVIEW OF NIGERIA'S MATERNAL MORTALITY 34 A. Maternal Mortality in Nigeria 34 B. Interventions on Maternal Mortality: Government Health Policies 39 C. Government Spending in the Health Sector 44 D. National Social Health Insurance Scheme 46 E. Geographical Access by Region to Health and Social Infrastructure 47 1. Place of Delivery 47 2. Assistance during Delivery 48 3. Antenatal care 49 4. Household Wealth Quintile and Place of Delivery 51 5. Knowledge of Contraceptive Methods 52 G. Factors Influencing Poverty in Northern Nigeria 54 1. Inadequate Economic Policy 54 2. Industrialization 54 3. Poverty 56 4. Insecurity 58 V. DATA ANALYSIS AND SUMMARY OF FINDINGS 62 VI. POLICY RECOMMENDATIONS 66 A. Establishing the Scope for Social Finance and Maternal Health 66 1. Stakeholders vs. Shareholders: Brinkerhoffian Partnership through Social Finance 67 2. Using Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) 69 3. Significance 72 4. SIB Partnership: The Journey So Far 75 5. Conclusion 77 REFERENCES 81 ABSTRACT IN KOREAN 96-
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