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Productive skills through Literature

Productive skills through Literature
Jung, Eun Na
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외국어교육특수대학원 TESOL학과
이화여자대학교 외국어교육특수대학원
Laura Eunae Park
When students learn English in a typical Korean EFL classroom, they normally use published textbooks that are aimed at teaching the four language skills; although language textbooks are appropriate for learning a foreign language, the content seldom increases the learners’ intrinsic motivation to learn English. As a result, students often lose their interest in the materials and English just becomes another school subject for them. However, if they are given a chance to learn about interesting stories from literature, learning English is no longer another academic subject – it becomes a lesson in history, culture, philosophy, literature, and in the English language as well. Unfortunately, due to the test-driven educational context in Korea, using literature is not an option for most Korean English teachers. Susser and Robb (1989) point out that many undergraduate and graduatestudents in Japan who study English (and even those who major in English) have a hard time using the language fluently appropriately; furthermore, they do not experience the pleasure of reading. In Korea, the situation is the same. As an English teacher myself, I have met many teachers who enjoy using visual and auditory materials for teaching; however, I have only met a few teachers who read for pleasure in English.Considering the reality of the Korean education system, it is easy to understand why most Korean English teachers have not had the opportunity to develop an interest in reading for pleasure in English. They have rarely been exposed to extensive reading in which they were encouraged to select literary materials to read for pleasure. However, I believe integrating literature in an English language classroom is an effective approach to teaching English. Unfortunately, there are not many books that combine literature and language learning, thus I have chosen toaddress this topic for my portfolio.
☞ 이 논문은 저자가 원문공개에 동의하지 않은 논문으로, 도서관 내에서만 열람이 가능하며, 인쇄 및 저장은 불가합니다.
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