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황순원 소설의 미학

황순원 소설의 미학
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대학원 국어국문학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
It is one of the feature of the modern literary criticism to lay stress on technique in a fiction. Narrating a stroy of exprience is just not but an nonfiction, Writing a story must be a kind of the art actions. The mode of wxpression is essential element in literature. They say writer, Mr.Whang is one of the technique authors, So we are much accounted of him. I tried to examine closely his technical forte in this main issue. According to Mr. Edo Chun, a critic writer Whang has sublimated Korean lyricism with poetical imgination. Now, I'll wxtract some factere, in his workd, which forms the poetic atmosphere. ① Appellation of his works generally consist of common nouns, personal pronouns, suck as 「그네」, 「소년」,「노인」etc. ② Style of his works is attractive and delicate as musical rhythm. ③ Metaphor in his works is symbplic. One example. Beautiful womwn always have big black eyes which wear shadoeing smile. ④ Characters in his works are almese, childern or elder. They shoe some stobborn, pure, attachment disposition. It can be defined an archetype of human nature. ⑤ Mr, Whang desecribe love. It shows his lyricism are based on healthy mood, not black magic. ⑥ The world of liguor is always quiet and have plenty in reserve. ⑦ Mr. Whang takes part with humanity even at the war scenes. He doesn;t care who's who of the political justice. ⑧ Ready march, show, and lear sky are pmportant component in his writings consisting setting as nature. We can say Mr. Whang catches well the peculiar lyrical futures of Kirean tradition. The nobel prize writer, late Gawabada Yasnari is well kmown in describing Japanese tradution with poetical emotion. If we have chance to win the Nobel Prize, we can not but recommend Mr. Whang's works. He is, I think, one of the most competent writers in our days.
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