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Frank Stella 작품연구

Frank Stella 작품연구
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대학원 미술학부회화·판화전공
이화여자대학교 대학원
Frank Stella is one of the artists who is leading most energetic and intellecyual active of his art among the young artists in America in present age, So he is served as mainspriong of activeity at leading of minimal art that there are point at quetion in every erspect of him. Frank Stella is one of the artists who has been smoothly casted off Abstract-Expreesionism at leading by De-Kooning. He, as a artist who is in having most good influence upon ths young artist, has come to reach his charecteristic style through the art exhibitions by himself in several times during he has been in New York since 1959. Hw use freely in expression by way perfectly plane in expressionless and monochorome on his works keeping out of shading or big marks of bruch which were featured of Abstract-Expressionism, also the actual experiences on his works, by using the various kind of metallic paint on it, is dependent upon experiences to be taken through the various kind of paint, that is, substantial experiences. He, also, is in recognition that the picture is one of ths basic structure, and the posibilities of that structure is presured by him with varied conditions, that is th mean, he maintains his opinions of pictarical structure based on shape by putting in the same category of the shap eof canvas and its framing sdge, and consquently, his canvas is shown as various style of framing in quest search of perfectly posibility of space. Stella dose not try to express to what meaning or sentiments on his works, and he maintains, the picture is to be actual picture which are excluded things on it, that is, Illusionism is rejected from his picture. Then, everyone could understand whole things on pivture without feeling confusion at appreciation of his picture. That is what his picture is based on only itself actial facts on picture. In advanced age, his picture, which showed wxpressional tendency, is of much help not only to lay the foundation to minimal artists and artists who are in repeatation to ahape, but it seems that the pictorical value of his picture is ahown a space of civilization and moderns's aesthetic consciousness.
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