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Corporate identity program에 관한 연구

Corporate identity program에 관한 연구
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대학원 회화학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
The Corporate Identity Program, as a method of strengthening the corporate image by unifying the total visual item design in business, is a problem for management. In foreign countries, the Corporate Identity Program has been actively carried out since the 1960 and at the present time most businesses put it in force. In our country, a few business have adopted it partially. In this theses, I wish to introduce the Corporate Identity Program and also to describe the present utilization of the program, the future prospects and the proper utilization of the program by Korean business. In situations of fierce business competition a business must make a strong impression on consumers in the market by producing its own special corporate image. To put it concretely business image must be emphasized by the planned use of common form, vehicles, uniforms of employees and serviceman, and advertising, as well as such things as tableware, chair covers, and curtains. Such Corporate Identity Program of strong image establishment improves business activities, and makes it easier to secure outstanding. Even in Japan, located near Korea, the Corporate Identity Program has been largely fashioned since the year 1970 between publicity men and designers, using such words as Visual Identity or Coordinate Design System, But according to the investigation I have made of the utilization of the program of visual design, most businesses in Korea have not felt the necessity of the program and only used outdated visual design programs. However, because of the influence of Foreign business, business in Korea will soon apply the program to their business by borrowing good business organization which has good visual design. It is necessary to train excellent men of actual business affairs as well as make practical application of the program by research and analysis of the programs carried out by experienced countries. It may be hard to alter the visual design system in Korea business, but we should try gradually to carry it out partially. In a word, whether the Corporate Identity Program is successful in Korean business or not depends on the wisdom and ideas of both management and the designer, and good judgement in the use of Visual Identity Program.
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