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상표충실도와 패턴디자인 리뉴얼 전략에 관한 연구

상표충실도와 패턴디자인 리뉴얼 전략에 관한 연구
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디자인대학원 디자인학과디자인매니지먼트전공
이화여자대학교 디자인대학원
1980년대 해외 브랜드의 수입이 활성화되면서부터 현재 2000년대에 이르기까지, 공급의 포화 상태와 기업 간의 경쟁, 소비자의 높은 교육수준과 소득의 증가로 인한 소비가치관의 변화와 life style의 변화 등으로 인해, 과거 명품브랜드라고 불리 우는 High-quality goods' Brand도 자사제품의 전통성을 고집하기보다는 Pattern Renewal을 통해 기존 브랜드 이미지에 새로운 신선함을 덧입히게 되었다. 앞서 제시한 바로 공급은 이미 포화 상태임에도 불구하고 미래사회의 인구감소 전망으로 수요시장은 날로 한정되어, 이에 대한 대책으로는 기존고객의 상표충실도(Brand Royalty)을 강화시켜 브랜드력을 확고히 해야 하는 방법이 대두되고 있다. 이를 위해서는 CRM(Customer Relationship Management)도 중요하지만 근본적인 브랜드력 강화를 위해 지속적인 제품의 renewal의 필요성이 절실히 요구되어 진다. 본 연구는 과거 전통적인 명품의 패턴 이미지를 고수하던 브랜드의 최근 변화와 Pattern Renewal의 현황을 분석하고, 명품 브랜드에 대한 소비자인지도 조사와 충성심의 측정을 통해, Pattern renewal이 Brand Royalty에 미치는 영향과 둘 사이의 상관관계를 밝혀내고 명품 포화 상태의 시장에서 브랜드력 강화를 모색하기 위한 Pattern renewal의 필요성을 알아본다. ;The marketing concept which is spoken in accident of customer putting first is becoming focus theme song of today many corporate management. The craving of the consumer comes to be complicated little by little, it comes to be various and the market competition is deepened and to follow the tendency which is like this with the fact that it will accelerate more. But the researches of the most regarding a marketing concept stayed to an objection leveling instrument discussion much and the critical point to execution with the substantial marketing policy to become they kept. Practices a marketing concept and not to present the concrete practice plan for. From like this connection 1990's as concrete practice of marketing concept the brand royalty is discussed the listening to United States was started in the center. Namely the marketing concept in only the last customer of marketing function and market the other side which puts a focus, the brand royalty the total bookshelf of the enterprise participates to a market information creation and the electric wave and it reacts, the last customer includes of course circulation dealers concerned back with compared to is aiming the marketing paradigm which is wide in scope of market. From like this viewpoint preceding condition, the mediating factor of brand royalty and the relationship back with result of the enterprise it referred to a brand royalty with subject and the many research became accomplished and it came. The specific gravity which the service industry does gross national product of one country (GNP) from hold generally 50% the upper sliced raw fish the place appetizing advanced nation economy service economy as of course our country entered to service economy reconciliation phase. Like this service economy anger augmentation of customer craving and increase of spare time, advancement of the technique which is quick, the employment increase back society of the woman. economic change quickly is developing in base and the tendency which is like this to be accelerated more. Only the bay it knows importance of the additional service which is added in re-anger as the product it is augmenting as well. More it is a representative service industry and fashion case and foreign countries of field fashion the domestic market advance back which the enterprise is active it is exposed to the competition which is intense. Only the bay it knows fashion case IMF economic crisis after of the life width brand which is a strategic business unit which industry is important quickly to be increasing and, the competition is coming to be the dentition. Well is not adapted to consequently like this competitive environment the enterprise survived and to be strenuous it became. It is many hereupon and fashion the enterprises lead product many-sidedness anger and the service diversification back and is attempting the security of competitive high position the strategy confrontation is the actual condition which is insufficient. From 1980's after and the quality center at time in the design center, it approaches at time in the latter half brand center of 1990's, the many brand stand the traditional result true identity characteristic of the company with after where becomes the issue where the security of the brand power of form is important it will concentrate only they know in new customer security, in the customer of existing to plant a brand loyalty and period the effort for is becoming hard work. The multi branch is discussed with the VIP who forms a brand loyalty. First with the insect island mind example which puts a base in culture the product it leads and the image and history characteristic of the nation which is associated, with the culture wind back which is spoken the same things are included from memory and experience of the consumer and royalty of the brand which is specific the mortar there is a possibility of making. To the brand royalty formation which leads the brand image civil official at second the brand image civil official of the enterprise a more important outdoors what than, the case one recording product center of the enterprise where the brand power is firm compared to is a possibility of trying to search the fact that it opens an image marketing in the brand center easily. The consumer you only this Ming of the enterprise which leads like this brand image civil official it trusts the report product and it selects, the enterprise constructs the image of the company more and the consumer sees provision receives a service and the quality which recover and from this cause brand royalty compared to firmly with the box it means that the interlinkage of the enterprise and consumer for circulates. Last, with the VIP who forms a brand royalty the product the place where there is a wild possibility, primary communication interest of the consumer and the enterprise as the most direct contact is a possibility of doing. With the element which composes the product subject matter, hue, pattern and the D tail, the place where there is a price back, because the case thorn element of price is not, it is classified with a psychological element and with the element which composes the brand image it is divided and a quality water service there is. The integral parts of like this product are cut and research and the development they lead and they are born and to the consumer and a customer satisfaction and in brand culture formation and the tradition which only them are unique and renewaling they become they are provided they lead only it will put out it knows, at the enterprise they contribute. When seeing from like this viewpoint, the subject matter, hue and the pattern back are appropriate and renewaling must come to be continuously managed, being important with the VIP who forms a brand royalty, it is being located. The research which it sees consequently leads the brand royalty which is a concrete practice of marketing concept and it reports that the competition high position security of the enterprise is possible, fashion The enterprise in the object relationship and brand royalty of customer satisfaction in brand royalty and representative corporate performance and it burns the role of pattern of the product specially from customer satisfaction and to buy it does to sleep. Also the research which it sees, it presents the importance and an application plan of brand royalty from the strategy side and it does to sleep, it examines closely the role of pattern of the effect where the brand royalty goes mad to a customer satisfaction and the product with.
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